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Table of Contents

Chapter: Intermediate WPF

Introduction - What To Expect From This Course

04m 32s

About The Author

03m 13s

Why WPF?

06m 34s

Evolution Of WPF

06m 31s

Opening Demos

03m 13s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Visual Studio

Getting Visual Studio

05m 40s

Visual Studio Install Tips

03m 10s

Visual Studio First Run

05m 56s

Visual Studio Tour

05m 42s

Visual Studio Configuration

05m 38s

Visual Studio Features

03m 56s

Working With XAML

05m 42s

Chapter: Working With Objects

XAML Foundations

04m 5s

XAML Class Hierarchy Part 1

06m 14s

XAML Class Hierarchy Part 2

01m 57s

XAML And NET Objects

04m 48s

Using Custom NET Classes

03m 34s

Custom Class Example Part 1

05m 16s

Custom Class Example Part 2

05m 22s

XAML Versions

04m 45s

Chapter: Working With Properties

Working With Properties

05m 53s

Properties As Attributes

05m 5s

Properties As Elements Part 1

05m 38s

Properties As Elements Part 2

04m 33s

Dependency Property Basics

03m 48s

Dependency Property Scenario Part 1

04m 50s

Dependency Property Scenario Part 2

02m 53s

Creating A Dependency Property Part 1

05m 40s

Creating A Dependency Property Part 2

05m 13s

Value Changed Callback Part 1

05m 8s

Value Changed Callback Part 2

03m 6s

Coerce Value Callback

05m 25s

Dependency Property Checkbox

05m 18s

Chapter: WPF Data Binding

What Is Data Binding?

06m 17s

Basic Data Binding Concepts

06m 17s

Data Binding Example Part 1

06m 53s

Data Binding Example Part 2

04m 46s

Understanding DataContext Part 1

05m 30s

Understanding DataContext Part 2

04m 29s

Binding To An Object Part 1

04m 42s

Binding To An Object Part 2

05m 10s

Using DisplayMemberPath

04m 13s

Binding Using Relative Source

03m 20s

Source Property Binding

03m 49s

Chapter: Templates

Template Basics

04m 49s

Control Templates Example Part 1

05m 1s

Control Template Example Part 2

04m 7s

Control Template Example Part 3

05m 55s

Data Templates Example Part 1

05m 49s

Data Template Example Part 2

06m 17s

Data Templates Example Part 3

02m 51s

Chapter: Triggers

Understanding Triggers

04m 33s

Property Trigger Example Part 1

05m 32s

Property Trigger Example Part 2

06m 16s

Multi-Trigger Example

05m 1s

Data Trigger Example

04m 59s

Chapter: Dialogs

WPF Dialogs

05m 55s

Custom Dialog Example Part 1

05m 53s

Custom Dialog Example Part 2

05m 15s

Custom Dialog Example Part 3

01m 40s

Using Common Dialogs Part 1

05m 42s

Using Common Dialogs Part 2

05m 27s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

03m 47s