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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction To The Art Of Linux System Administration

13m 33s

About John Meister

02m 49s

Chapter: The Art Of Linux System Administration

The Power Of The Linux Philosophy

11m 7s

SA Overview: What Is An SA?

13m 38s

Developing The Art Of SA: First Master Vi

08m 26s

The Linux System Lifecycle

08m 4s

Sysadmin Basics: Command Line Only

08m 26s

The Vi Editor

06m 1s

Bashrc History

05m 18s

Script, GREP, And Regexp

04m 56s

SSH Client Setup

06m 19s

Scripting Tools

07m 23s

Power Documentation

09m 36s

Save The Data

07m 30s

LPIC Certification Overview

05m 56s

Chapter: Linux Filesystems

File System Technical Overview

08m 2s

File Partitions

03m 28s

File System Tool Overview

08m 26s

Swap File Tools Overview

04m 2s

File System Mounting Overview

10m 13s

LVM Commands Overview

05m 56s

LVM Detailed Example

06m 11s

NFS Files And Tools

07m 0s

The Most Common RAID Types

03m 55s

Create And Manage A RAID Using Commands

06m 6s

File System Tuning Commands

08m 45s

File System Repair And Replicate Commands

04m 24s

Use DD To Clone Drive

08m 47s

Optical Drives And Automounting

04m 52s

The Sysadmin Spreadsheet Tool

07m 27s

Chapter: Linux Kernel And Bootloaders

Kernel vmlinuz And Boot Files

07m 58s

GRUB Files For Booting

08m 41s

GRUB2 Files For Booting

04m 18s

Alternate Bootloaders

02m 19s

GRUB, mkconfig, And mkinitrd Commands

05m 45s

Dual-Boot With Microsoft First, Then Linux

05m 35s

Kernel Compilation And Module Tools

10m 5s

Boot Processes, Run Levels, And inittab

03m 59s

Compare Init And systemd

07m 48s

Init Overview And Scripts

03m 7s

Init Processes And GRUB Tools

03m 5s

systemd Overview And Scripts

02m 36s

Analyze Resource Usage

05m 45s

Using Dracut To Manage Kernel initramfs And Modules

03m 56s

Using GParted To View And Edit Kernel And Boot Files

05m 50s

Archiving Files With Tools

05m 38s

Package Management Distribution Tools

03m 27s

Install Programs From Source, tar, Or RPM

05m 7s

Chapter: Linux Networking And Naming Services - Client Side

Networking Essentials

08m 19s

Networking Configuration Files

08m 28s

Change Host Name, IP, And Route

05m 22s

Advanced Networking Tools

08m 12s

DHCP Configuration

05m 6s

Remote Access Via SSH And TCP Tools

04m 26s

Chapter: Securing Linux - Client Side

Passwords, Shadow File, And sudo

07m 52s

SSH Configuration And Setup

09m 15s

Firewalls, IPTables, NAT, And Tunnels

08m 47s

Security Baseline Using Checksums

09m 3s

Using Advanced Network Tools And Log Files

06m 57s

Block Attacks And Spammers Using Tools

06m 19s

Chapter: Sharing Files And Services

NFS Setup And Use

09m 7s

NFS And NIS Clients

08m 31s

Setup SAMBA And Join A Domain

08m 30s

System E-Mail Setup

12m 4s

Client E-Mail Setup

09m 0s

Apache SSL Setup

09m 58s

Using SSH Tools

08m 43s

Web Tools For Managing Systems

08m 43s

Chapter: System Administration - Users

Using History, Script, And Other Power Tools

07m 52s

Examining Real World Command Use

04m 19s

Shell Scripting For Fun And Profit

06m 43s

Using SSH And Loops In Scripts

06m 23s

Manually Add A User To The System

08m 32s

Adding Users With Tools

03m 31s

Network Troubleshooting

08m 17s

Script To Create System Info Spreadsheet

06m 23s

crontab, Scripts, SSH And Email

07m 24s

Supporting Users With Custom Tools

08m 18s

Archive Users And Securing Their Files

06m 28s

Interoperability Guidelines Across Systems

11m 11s

Chapter: Enterprise Linux System Administration

Configuring DNS

06m 35s

Configuring DNS Zones

04m 1s

Configuring NFS

05m 19s

Securing FTP Servers

06m 47s

Using SSH, SCP, Rsync And Tunnels

04m 45s

Configure Sendmail

11m 40s

Configure Postfix

05m 35s

Apache Server Configuration

02m 47s

Apache Virtual Server Configuration

06m 46s


05m 54s

NGINX Reverse Proxy

04m 5s

Configure NGINX Proxy Server

03m 21s

Configure Squid

04m 46s

Security Tools: Nmap, IPTables

10m 35s

Chapter: Enterprise Interoperability And Services

DHCP Files And Processes

04m 34s

LDAP Client Usage

01m 44s

LDAP Server Setup

05m 26s


07m 54s

Using VPN

07m 35s

PAM Authentication

03m 40s

Router Configuration

06m 5s

Chapter: Conclusion


06m 28s