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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Up to Speed with Flask

The Course Overview

02m 41s

Setting Up Flask and Creating Your First Flask Application

06m 9s

Custom Routing Configuration

09m 15s

Flask Template Usage

06m 35s

Flask Flash Messages and Custom Error Pages

03m 24s

Chapter: Implementing Create and Read through a RESTful API

CRUD and REST Basics

03m 8s

Using SQLAlchemy for Model Mapping

03m 54s

Implementing Create

03m 11s

Implementing Read

02m 45s

Chapter: Implementing Update and Delete through a RESTful API

Implementing Update

03m 54s

Implementing Delete

02m 42s


04m 36s

Implementing Pagination

02m 35s

Chapter: Extending the Web API

RESTful Authentication

06m 27s

HTTP Caching

03m 6s

Error Handling in RESTful APIs

04m 42s

Guidelines for Building Large Projects

04m 13s

Chapter: Securing Web APIs

Why Use HTTPS?

03m 2s

Token Authentication

04m 44s

Usage of Cookies

02m 49s

Storing Passwords

03m 48s

Chapter: Testing Web APIs

Using the Flask Test Client

02m 35s

Testing Custom Flask Routes

03m 16s

Testing CRUD

03m 13s

Testing Authentication

03m 16s