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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up

The Course Overview

03m 33s

Bootstrapping an Ionic App

02m 39s

Exploring the Project Structure

02m 49s

Lab, Device, and Emulator

02m 56s

Chapter: Pages and Basic Navigation

Generating Pages

03m 5s

Navigation Concepts in Ionic 2

01m 38s

Navigating to Pages

04m 15s

Chapter: Basic Ionic 2 Components

Creating a List

05m 15s

Adding a Search Bar

03m 27s

Using a Radio Buttons List

04m 39s

Chapter: Services

Making API Calls

04m 8s

Creating Your Own Service

05m 43s

Chapter: Advanced Ionic 2 Components

Using an ActionSheet

03m 39s

Creating a Modal Preview

04m 11s

Adding a Pull-to-refresh

03m 6s

Chapter: User Interactions

Using Dialogs

05m 32s

Adding a Loader

02m 46s

Building a Form

04m 3s

Chapter: Wrapping Up

Styling the App

03m 6s

Navigation with params

02m 1s


01m 40s

Using a Pipe

03m 44s