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Table of Contents

Chapter: Exploring the Actor World

The Course Overview

03m 22s

Understanding the Actor Model

03m 20s

Concepts and Terminology

04m 6s

Let's Create Hello World

03m 23s

Chapter: Playing with Actors

Actor System and Hierarchical Structure

04m 35s

Actor Components and Lifecycle

03m 36s

Creating an Actor with Props

04m 12s

Talking to an Actor

04m 57s

Supervision and Monitoring

06m 0s

Chapter: Working with Akka Basic Tools

ActorRef Versus Actor Path Versus Actor Selection

05m 3s

Sending Messages via Router

05m 47s

Replacing Actor Behavior via become/unbecome

04m 48s

Replacing Actor Behavior via FSM

04m 47s

Chapter: Akka Persistence

Introduction to Akka Persistence

04m 27s

Creating Persistent Actors

04m 26s

Playing with a Persistent Actor

04m 21s

Persistence FSM

06m 18s

Persistence Query

04m 24s

Chapter: Working with Akka Cluster

Playing with Remote Actors

05m 26s

Building a Cluster

06m 10s

Adding Load Balancer to a Cluster Node

03m 9s

Creating a Singleton Actor in the Cluster

05m 45s

Cluster Sharding

05m 49s

Chapter: Testing Actors

How to Test an Actor?

05m 44s

Testing a Parent-child Relationship

03m 26s

Testing FSM

04m 24s

Multi Node Testing

06m 31s

Chapter: Working with Akka Streams

Introduction to Akka Streams

05m 37s

Reactive Tweets

04m 54s

Testing Streams

06m 2s

Working with Graphs

04m 56s

Working with Stream IO

04m 16s

Chapter: Working with Akka HTTP

Introduction to Akka HTTP

04m 4s

Working with Client-side API

05m 58s

Working with Server-side API

05m 1s

Let's Implement a REST API

05m 4s

Let's Test Our REST API

03m 31s

Chapter: Working with Common Patterns in Akka

Balancing Workload Across Nodes

05m 34s

Throttling Messages

04m 26s

Shutdown Patterns

03m 26s

Ordered Termination

03m 45s

Scheduling Periodic Messages

02m 57s