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Table of Contents

Chapter: Advanced Uses of Class-based Views

The Course Overview

02m 27s

Extending Class-based Views

01m 32s

Using Mixins

02m 9s

Custom Class-based Views

01m 7s

Creating a Switchboard View

02m 56s

Chapter: Custom Middleware

What Is Middleware?

02m 30s

Creating a Custom Middleware

02m 46s

Exception Handling Middleware

01m 23s

Chapter: Custom Template Tags and Filters

Creating Template Filters

03m 19s

Creating Custom Template Tags

04m 22s

Chapter: Building a Rest API

Using Tastypie to Create a REST API

03m 40s

Complex Queries with Our API

02m 12s

Authentication and CRUD Support

04m 56s

Chapter: Advanced Databases Modeling

Generic Relationships

02m 9s

Formsets for Data Management

03m 54s

Advanced Queries with Q()

03m 15s

Chapter: Caching for Optimum Performance

Low-level Caching

03m 45s

Caching with Middleware

02m 27s

Using the Template Cache

02m 49s

Chapter: Management and Maintenance of Your Application

Model Managers

02m 5s

Using a Model Manager to Create New Objects

01m 14s

Creating Commands

02m 58s