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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

03m 7s

About The Author

02m 57s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introduction To Interfaces

Interfaces Defined

03m 8s

Benefits Of Interfaces

04m 14s

Chapter: Defining Interfaces

Making Interfaces

04m 18s

Defining Properties

04m 8s

Defining Methods

01m 56s

Defining Events Part - 1

06m 15s

Defining Events Part - 2

08m 34s

Defining Indexers

03m 55s

Generic Interfaces

07m 57s

Interface Inheritance

06m 41s

Implementing Interface Inheritance

04m 22s

Chapter: Implementing Interfaces

Implicit Implementation

02m 10s

Explicit Implementation

05m 43s

Chapter: Using Basic Interfaces

Using IEnumerable

04m 35s

Using ICollection

03m 14s

Using IList

06m 56s

Using IComparable

07m 13s

Finding Medians With IComparable

05m 23s

Chapter: Implementing Framework Interfaces

Implementing IComparable

04m 32s

Implementing IComparer Part - 1

04m 48s

Implementing IComparer Part - 2

09m 52s

Implementing IComparer Part - 3

05m 54s

Implementing IEquatable Part - 1

07m 15s

Implementing IEquatable Part - 2

05m 27s

Implementing IEquatable Part - 3

06m 50s

Implementing IEqualityComparer

09m 8s

Implementing ICloneable

07m 35s

Implementing IDisposable

08m 7s

Implementing IEnumerable Part - 1

09m 34s

Implementing IEnumerable Part - 2

04m 15s

Implementing IEnumerable Part - 3

02m 9s

Chapter: Conclusion


01m 54s