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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 40s

Chapter: Starting Your Plan

Understanding why a plan is needed

04m 25s

Understanding Business Strategy Part 1

04m 11s

Understanding Business Strategy Part 2

03m 30s

Understanding the Project Outline

05m 38s

Creating a Project Outline

03m 17s

You try it: Creating Business Goals and Project Outlines

01m 29s

Chapter: Personas & Market Research

Understanding Personas

04m 19s

Understanding Ethnographic Research

03m 39s

Conducting Ethnographic Interviews

06m 48s

Ethnographic Research Examples

05m 36s

Understanding Market Research

02m 36s

Creating Research-Based Personas

04m 24s

Creating Ad Hoc Personas

04m 56s

You try it: Creating Personas

01m 32s

Chapter: Branding & Voice

Understanding Branding

02m 44s

Understanding a Voice & Tone Table

03m 13s

Understanding a Brand Guide

02m 49s

You try it: Creating a Brand Guide

02m 21s

Understanding Interaction Elements

04m 28s

You try it: Mapping Personas on an Interaction Spectrum

00m 56s

Chapter: Information Architecture

Understanding Information Architecture (IA)

07m 49s

Understanding Card Sorting

02m 40s

Card Sorting Example

03m 5s

Building User Flows and User Flow Examples

03m 35s

You try it: Card Sorting and User Flows

01m 27s

Understanding and Demonstrating Mental Models

04m 46s

Understanding Wireframing

05m 7s

Exploring Wireframing Tools

06m 19s

You try it: Mental Models and Wireframing

01m 37s

Chapter: Usability Testing

Understanding Usability Testing

02m 44s

Usability Demo Example

05m 11s

Constructing a Usability Test

04m 28s

Understanding Facilitation & Observation

06m 25s

Chapter: Analysis & Prioritization

You try it: Usability Testing

01m 21s

Understanding the KJ Method

04m 26s

You try it: Analyzing and Prioritizing Feedback

01m 23s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up and Thank You

01m 13s