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Table of Contents

Chapter: Background

What Is Node.js

05m 59s

About The Author

01m 23s

Early History

03m 30s


04m 16s

Node.js Versioning

02m 46s

Why Use Node.js

03m 30s

How To Use This Course

00m 35s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Architecture


02m 27s


05m 50s

Timers Example

02m 11s

Web Server Example

01m 52s

A Single-Threaded Event Loop

03m 45s

Simplified Concurrency

01m 46s

Callback Convention

01m 44s

Callback Does Not Necessarily Mean Non Blocking

02m 24s

Chapter: Modularity

Script Tags In The Browser

04m 56s

Modules In Node.js

04m 14s


02m 58s

Modules Have Private Scope

02m 49s

Node.js Core Modules

03m 8s

Chapter: NPM

Package Management

03m 33s

Using An NPM Package

08m 7s

Package Manager Benefits

03m 52s

Popular Packages

01m 57s

Why Not To Use Node.js

04m 15s

What Next

00m 51s