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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 28s


05m 53s

Current HTML5 Web Components

03m 3s

Web Components "State of the Union"

05m 36s

Chapter: Custom Elements

Before Custom Elements, There Was "Tag Soup"

04m 55s

Introduction to Custom Elements

02m 15s

Semantic HTML Elements

07m 15s

Your First Custom Element: <my-duration>

05m 31s

Chapter: HTML Templates

Before Templates, There Was Handlebars

03m 51s

Introduction to Templates

03m 32s

Adding an HTML Template to Your Custom <my-duration> Web Component

03m 7s

Chapter: Shadow DOM

Introduction to Shadow DOM

02m 48s

Adding Shadow DOM Support to Your Custom <my-duration> Web Component

03m 1s

Chapter: HTML Imports

Introduction to HTML Imports

06m 43s

Understanding Import Documents

05m 11s

Adding HTML Imports Support to Your Custom <my-duration> Web Component

03m 23s

Wrap Up and Thank You

02m 21s