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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 14s


03m 5s

Chapter: Angular 2 Preflight

Changes to Angular 2

05m 21s

Angular 2: The Good Parts

06m 58s

Angular 2 Hello World

03m 22s

Angular 2 Preflight Checklist

02m 52s

Angular 2 Decisions: Languages, Libraries

04m 10s

Chapter: Choosing a Language - TypeScript or JavaScript

Introduction to TypeScript

04m 41s

Introduction to ECMAScript

06m 20s

Static Versus Dynamic Typed Languages

03m 55s

Chapter: Choosing a Package Manager

Introduction to the Package Manager

01m 8s

Installing NodeJS

05m 43s

Understanding NPM

03m 5s

Server-side Versus Client-side Package Managers

03m 17s

Intro to JSPM

02m 48s

JSPM Versus Other Package Managers

04m 31s

Chapter: Choosing a Module Loader

Introduction to CommonJS Modules

04m 6s

Introduction to AMD

03m 21s

Introduction to ES6 Modules

03m 17s

Introduction to SystemJS

03m 26s

Chapter: Choosing a Transpiler / Polyfill Library

Introduction to BabelJS

02m 51s

What is a Polyfill?

04m 5s

Chapter: Choosing a Build Script

Introduction to Gulp

03m 25s

Angular CLI

03m 10s

Step by Step

07m 21s

Wrap Up and Thank You

04m 3s