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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction to the Course

01m 34s

Chapter: Non-Technical Influences


06m 12s


04m 52s

Material Culture and Tradition

06m 23s

Visual Stereotypes

03m 45s

Ethnographic Methods

11m 48s

Brand Management

03m 4s

Non-Technical Influences Summary

01m 37s

Chapter: Material Mechanics

Introduction to Material Mechanics

04m 20s

Forces and Statics

06m 39s

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies, Stress Strain Diagram, and Common Loads

09m 4s


07m 23s

Stress Concentration

03m 22s


03m 31s

Impact and Buckling

04m 2s

Thermal Expansion

04m 12s


07m 57s

Learning from Failure

03m 21s

Noise and Vibration

03m 50s

Material Mechanics Summary

07m 49s

Material Mechanics Assessment

18m 9s

Chapter: Fluid Mechanics

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

01m 55s

Fluid Behavior

13m 11s

Dimensionless Parameters

02m 33s


12m 58s

Fluid Mechanics Summary

04m 9s

Fluid Mechanics Assessment

09m 40s

Chapter: Heat Transfer

Introduction to Heat Transfer

02m 24s

Specific Heat

05m 54s

Conduction and Convection

05m 59s


08m 50s

Mass Transfer

08m 11s

People and Buildings

05m 9s

Heat Transfer Summary

04m 19s

Heat Transfer Assessment

07m 48s