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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Introduction And Course Overview

00m 39s

About The Author

01m 19s

Overview Of Arista

02m 35s

Chapter: Initial Arista Switch Configuration

Powering Up The Arista Switch

03m 34s

Overview Of The Arista EOS And Versioning

02m 23s

Upgrading EOS On The Arista Switch

06m 10s

Basic Switch Configuration For Management And Operations

11m 40s

Chapter: Operational Niceties

The Watch And Watch Diff Commands

04m 17s

The Arista Event Monitor

03m 50s

Configuring The Arista Switch To Speak Jabber

12m 5s

Configuring The Arista Switch To Send Emails

04m 46s

Arista Scheduler And Show Tech-Support

04m 15s

Chapter: Tap Aggregation

Overview Of Tap Aggregation

13m 14s

Configuring Basic Tap Aggregation

06m 47s

Configuring Traffic Steering In Tap Aggregation

11m 13s

Chapter: Spanning Tree

Spanning Tree Overview

06m 56s

Configuring And Verifying Spanning Tree

04m 48s

Chapter: Port Channels

Overview Of Port Channels

08m 49s

Configuring And Verifying Port Channels

08m 17s

Chapter: MLAG

MLAG Overview

08m 56s

Configuring And Verifying MLAG

12m 13s

Chapter: VRRP

VRRP Overview

07m 55s

VRRP Configuration And Verification

07m 20s

Chapter: VARP

VARP Overview And Configuration

06m 59s

Chapter: OSPF Routing

Configuring And Verifying OSPF

08m 35s

Establishing And Verifying OSPF Neighbors

10m 23s

Adding OSPF Authentication

06m 33s

OSPF Operational Commands

08m 47s

Playing With OSPF Nerd Knobs

07m 29s

Chapter: BGP Routing

Configuring And Verifying BGP

07m 36s

Establishing And Verifying BGP Neighbors

08m 7s

BGP Route Announcement

05m 21s

As Path Access-Lists

10m 46s

BGP Peer Groups

07m 42s

BGP Operational Commands

05m 26s

Examples Of Some BGP Options

09m 57s

Chapter: Administrative Distance

Overview Of Administrative Distance

04m 44s

Configuring And Verifying Administrative Distance

07m 58s

Chapter: VXLAN Bridging

Overview Of VXLAN Bridging

09m 40s

Configuring And Verifying VXLAN Bridging

12m 11s

Chapter: Access-Lists And Prefix-Lists

Access-List Introduction And Configuration

15m 26s

Prefix-List Introduction And Configuration

08m 12s

Chapter: LLDP

Overview Of LLDP

03m 43s

Configuring And Verify LLDP

05m 38s

Chapter: Conclusion

References And Resources For Further Study

01m 52s