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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


03m 40s

About The Author

01m 12s

Major Goals For Windows Server 2016

07m 18s

Windows Server 2016 SKUs And Licensing

07m 16s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Configuration Levels

Configuration Level History

05m 20s

Configuration Levels Available In Windows Server 2016

Nano Server Overview

05m 47s

Nano Server Deployment

11m 41s

Name Server Management

08m 0s

Chapter: Containers And Docker

Challenges With Application Deployment

03m 30s

Introduction To Containers

07m 57s

Containers In Windows Server 2016

03m 39s

Containers Vs Hyper-V Containers

04m 15s

Deploying A Container

10m 49s

Docker Overview

03m 43s

Integrating Containers With Docker

08m 45s

Chapter: Storage Spaces Direct

Overview Of Storage Spaces

06m 49s

Storage Spaces Direct Introduction

06m 49s

Implementing Storage Spaces Direct

03m 5s

Using Storage Spaces Direct

07m 7s

Chapter: Storage Replica

Introduction To Storage Replica

04m 21s

Use Cases For Storage Replica

04m 9s

Deploying Storage Replica

05m 34s

Performing A Storage Replica Failover

02m 1s

Chapter: Network Virtualization

Overview Of Network Virtualization

06m 16s

Network Virtualization Modes In 2016

03m 14s

Network Virtualization Architecture

12m 42s

Deploying Network Virtualization

01m 26s

Using Network Virtualization With Powershell

02m 50s

Using Network Virtualization With SCVMM

03m 25s

Using Network Virtualization With Microsoft Azure Stack

02m 18s

Chapter: Failover Clustering

Failover Clustering Overview

06m 53s

Cloud Witness Introduction

01m 45s

Using A Cloud Witness

02m 14s

Failover Clustering Deployment Beyond Domain Boundaries

04m 21s

Rolling Cluster Upgrade From 2012 R2

03m 57s

Compute Resiliency Overview

03m 19s

Compute Resiliency Demonstration

03m 0s

Storage Resiliency Overview

01m 29s

Storage Resiliency Demonstration

02m 25s

Node Quarantine Usage

03m 49s

Chapter: Hyper-V

Hyper-V 2016 Overview

04m 40s

Nested Virtualization

05m 22s

New VMCX VM Format

03m 44s

Production Checkpoints

06m 16s

Using Hot-Add/Remove Of Memory And Network Adapters

04m 56s

Using Powershell Direct

02m 42s

Introduction To The Host Guardian Service And Shielded VMs

04m 53s

Integration Service Updating In Windows Server 2016

02m 29s

Chapter: Remote Desktop Services

Overview Of Remote Desktop Services

05m 42s

RemoteFX Changes

03m 28s

Personal Session Desktops

02m 54s

Overview Of Multipoint Role

04m 26s

Chapter: Active Directory

Overview Of Privileged Identity Management

07m 0s

Azure AD Join

07m 0s

Changes To Federation

03m 37s

Chapter: Conclusion

Best Of The Rest

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