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Table of Contents

Chapter: Start Here

Get Started With Excel 2016

08m 14s

New: Tell Me Feature

05m 4s

Excel Workbook And Worksheets

05m 57s

Customizing Color Schemes And Quick Toolbar

05m 5s

Using The Included Working Files

02m 18s

About The Author

01m 28s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Managing Workbooks And Worksheets

Creating And Saving New Workbooks

05m 46s

Opening Workbooks And Save As Options

05m 37s

Saving And Opening Onedrive Files

04m 32s

Navigating An Excel Workbook

05m 55s

Adding Removing And Renaming Worksheets

07m 25s

Using The 2016 Templates

05m 30s

Chapter: Entering And Editing Data In Cells

Entering And Editing Text Numbers And Dates

08m 46s

Cut Copy Paste Vs Drag And Drop

07m 38s

Special Features Of The Fill Handle

09m 30s

Managing Columns And Rows

09m 46s

Searching Within A Worksheet Workbook

07m 21s

Chapter: Math: The Basics

Normal Mathematic Operators

10m 6s

Starting With Basic Functions

09m 5s

Copying Formula

06m 54s

Displaying Formula And Functions

04m 57s

Chapter: Formatting

Cell And Range Selection

06m 59s

Modifying Typeface Size Colors

07m 52s

Number Formats Alignment And Orientation

08m 28s

Merging And Wrapping Cell Contents

05m 47s

Cell Borders

06m 23s

Applying Editing Date Formats

06m 14s

The Format Painter

06m 39s

Clearing Finding And Replacing Formatting

03m 59s

Chapter: Workbook And Worksheet Management

Worksheet Navigating Copying Moving And Tab Color

07m 31s

Side By Side Comparison Of Worksheets

03m 48s

Modifying More Than One Sheet At A Time

07m 31s

Chapter: Page Setup And Printing

Controlling Print And Screen Headings

04m 47s

Orientation Margins And Scaling

06m 2s

Headers And Footers

06m 43s

Using Page Break And Page Layout Views Effectively

06m 27s

Printing Parts Of A Worksheet

04m 37s

Spellchecking And Smart Lookup

05m 25s

Chapter: Mathematical Formulas

The Sum Function

06m 15s

Other Mathematical Functions Average Min Max

06m 25s

Various Count Functions

03m 49s

Absolute Referencing

06m 16s

Formula Across Multiple Sheets

08m 51s

3D Referencing In Action

09m 34s

The Advantages Of Named Cells And Ranges

07m 32s

Chapter: Security

Protection Of Whole Or Part Worksheets

07m 14s

Protection For The Whole Excel Workbook

05m 54s

Chapter: Charts In Excel

Using The Recommended Charts Option

06m 41s

Create A Chart Quickly Or Slowly

05m 57s

Formatting A Chart

05m 48s

Modifying The Chart Type

05m 11s

Formatting Chart Elements

07m 13s

Adding A Trendline

06m 36s

The Pie Chart

07m 40s

Sparklines Mini Charts

06m 24s

The New Forecast Sheet

04m 52s

New To 2016 Chart Types

09m 11s

Chapter: Graphics Objects

Inserting And Enhancing Images

05m 50s

Inserting Shapes And Screenshots

08m 18s

Using SmartArt Graphics

08m 54s

Formatting Graphical Objects

05m 26s

Stacking Grouping And Flowcharts

08m 15s

A Mathematical Formula With A Graphic Object

03m 33s

Chapter: Excel As A Database

Fixing Onscreen And In Print Rows And Columns

05m 36s

Sorting Data

06m 59s

Filter Data To Reduce Dataset Size

07m 49s

Removing Duplicate Entries

03m 8s

Using Subtotals In A Worksheet Of Data

07m 6s

Using Text To Columns

06m 2s

The New Get And Transform For Using Web Data

05m 35s

Chapter: Advanced Formula

Using An IF Formula

06m 55s

New IFs For Multiple Criteria

05m 30s

DATEDIF A Useful Hidden Function

07m 25s

Text Manipulation Functions

08m 35s

Use Of Text To Format Numbers

04m 59s

Date Manipulation Functions

05m 44s


08m 50s

Use Of Rank To Calculate Placings

08m 6s

Flash Fill The Magic Touch

05m 26s

Chapter: What's Next

Office Apps For Excel 2016

05m 40s

Are You Ready To Go Advanced

03m 2s