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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


01m 5s

About Andy

04m 16s

Andy's Top Ten

04m 45s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started


00m 47s

The Indesign Start Screen

05m 20s

The Indesign Interface

04m 52s

Generating A New Document

04m 34s

Working With Preferences

07m 2s

Chapter: Working With Text


00m 53s

Generating Text Frames

08m 56s

Editing Tips & Tricks

04m 33s

Threading Text Frames

06m 53s

Basic Character Formatting

09m 35s

Basic Paragraph Formatting

06m 26s

Working With Character & Paragraph Styles

08m 41s

Understanding Text Frame Options

04m 46s

Editing In The Story Editor

03m 58s

Working With Spell Check

03m 55s

Chapter: Adding Images To A Document


00m 48s

Setting Up The Document

05m 6s

Adding Full-Bleed Images

05m 39s

Creating A Color Workflow

03m 56s

Tips On Placing Graphics

06m 30s

Working Smart With Frame Options

02m 47s

Using External Graphic Editors

02m 39s

Adding A Text Wrap To A Graphic

05m 17s

Creating An Inline Graphic

05m 8s

Working With The Links Panel

04m 30s

Chapter: Controlling Documents


00m 42s

Working With Layers

08m 10s

Adding & Deleting Pages

05m 48s

Working With Master Pages

08m 46s

Generating Page Numbers

04m 40s

Creating A Nested Master

06m 23s

Using Customized Page Sizes

03m 47s

Adding Special Characters

04m 8s

Chapter: Additional Considerations


00m 35s

Working With Strokes & Fills

07m 14s

The Swatches Panel

07m 45s

Working With Guides

03m 20s

Generating Bullets & Numbers

07m 47s

Using Graphic Styles

06m 48s

Chapter: Building A Brochure


00m 43s

Building The Bones Of The Brochure

05m 30s

Loading Styles

03m 25s

Adding Fonts From Typekit

02m 8s

Setting Up Margins & Guides

06m 3s

Adding Backdrops

02m 47s

Adding Images

03m 36s

Adding Text

05m 54s

Bringing The Brochure To Life With Styles

07m 6s

Chapter: Building A Magazine Cover


00m 53s

Working With A Template

06m 53s

Adding Images

03m 52s

Editing Images Externally

02m 43s

The Creative Cloud Library

02m 33s

Adding Text

02m 30s

Applying Styles

02m 37s

Chapter: The End Game


00m 51s

Prepping A Document

05m 25s

Packaging A Document

03m 46s

Printing A Booklet

03m 49s

Creating Links

05m 30s

Converting A Document To PDF

04m 6s

Publishing Your Document Online

03m 14s

Closing Thoughts

01m 38s