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Table of Contents

Chapter: Security Assessment And Testing


10m 56s

Chapter: Security Control Testing Strategies

Security Control Testing Strategies Overview

10m 28s

The Security Assessment

06m 4s

Vulnerability Testing - Part 1

08m 24s

Vulnerability Testing - Part 2

07m 52s

Vulnerability Testing - Part 3

11m 2s

Penetration Testing

10m 23s

Passive Reconnaissance

10m 28s

Active Reconnaissance

07m 39s

Exploit And Entrench

10m 8s

Covering Tracks. Pillage. Pivot. Post Test

11m 19s

Social Engineering - Part 1

07m 59s

Social Engineering - Part 2

09m 17s

Secure Code Review

07m 24s

Application Testing

09m 12s

Testing Users. Internal. External

08m 31s

Chapter: Collecting Security Process Data

Collecting Security Process Data

10m 41s

Chapter: Auditing


08m 43s

Chapter: Wrap Up


07m 32s