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Table of Contents

Chapter: Setting Up A Web App

What You Will Learn

03m 28s

About The Author

01m 23s

Project Setup

02m 14s

Spinning Up Our Server From Scratch

05m 11s

Serving Index.HTML

04m 31s

Serving Bootstrap Assets

05m 51s

Styling Our Site

01m 15s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Jade View Engine

Why View Engines?

02m 9s

The Jade View Engine

06m 31s

HTML Tags In Jade

02m 16s

Attributes Classes And Ids In Jade

02m 5s

Serving Up Jade Views

04m 24s

HTML Reuse In Jade

06m 26s

Code In Jade Views

02m 37s

Passing Data To View Rendering

02m 1s

Setting A Default View Engine

00m 36s

String Interpolation In Jade

02m 29s

Generating Tables In Jade

03m 49s

Tabs And Spaces Oh My

01m 20s

Demystifying Jade

02m 20s

Chapter: Crud

Setting The Stage

01m 0s

Add Chat Room View

04m 20s

Post Chat Room Form

06m 56s

Parsing Form Data From The Request Body

04m 22s

Responding With JSON

03m 20s

Admin Chat Rooms Workflow

02m 20s

Named Route Parameters To Delete Rooms

05m 58s

Edit Chat Rooms

06m 1s

Edit Chat Rooms Part - 2

02m 0s

Responding With 404 Not Found

01m 39s

Wrap Up

01m 22s

Chapter: Routers

Extracting An Admin Module

04m 47s

Modular Admin Router

04m 0s

Pluggable Admin Mount Path

03m 14s

Stumbling Block - Relative Redirects

02m 49s

Chaining Routes

01m 57s

Chapter: Middleware

Understanding Routing And Middleware

05m 45s

Adding Custom Logging Middleware

02m 15s

Understanding Next()

01m 30s

Middleware To Fetch Data

07m 24s

Order Matters.Av

01m 9s

Scoping Middleware

03m 52s

What To Do With Errors

03m 0s

Last Thoughts

03m 19s

Chapter: APIs

A Client Side Chat App

01m 55s

Setup The Client Side Chat App

03m 0s

Creating An API

05m 41s

Modules Are Singletons

01m 50s

Postman To Test API

01m 24s

API Get Room Messages

05m 49s

Posting To An API

03m 36s

API To Delete Messages

03m 15s

Parsing JSON In The Request Body

03m 24s

Chapter: Logging And Debugging


03m 3s

Logging With Morgan

01m 44s

File Access Log With Morgan

01m 28s

Built-In Express Debugging

01m 56s

Chapter: When Things Go Wrong

Throwing An Error In A Route Handler

01m 38s

Errors In Production

01m 52s

Custom Error Handlers

02m 39s

Browser Hangs

00m 57s

Hanging Async Request Handlers

01m 16s

Errors In Callbacks

03m 32s

Don't Swallow Callback Errors

02m 45s

Chapter: Auth With Passport

Auth With Passport

01m 49s

Login Form

06m 31s

Passport User Validation

05m 19s

Passport Session Serialization

01m 49s

Logging In

06m 23s


03m 51s

Authorizing Access To Block Anonymous Users

03m 39s

Protecting Admin Routes

02m 4s

Using User Information

02m 48s

Bypassing Login In Development

03m 10s

Query String Parameters

02m 33s

Auth Cookies

02m 17s

Last Thoughts

05m 44s