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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to LESS

The Course Overview

01m 42s

What Is LESS?

03m 14s

Woah! It's That Easy, Huh?

02m 9s

Chapter: Getting LESS into Your Current Workflow


05m 2s

Using a Task Runner

06m 8s

Using Third-party Software

08m 17s

Using Our Code Editor

02m 58s

Chapter: Variables Can Make Our Lives Easier

What Is a Variable and How Does It Work?

05m 59s

Advanced Variable Usage

02m 35s

Basics: Nesting

03m 12s

Advanced: Nesting

02m 22s

Chapter: Mixins

The Anatomy of a Mixin

03m 37s

Using Mixins for Cross-browser Compatibility

04m 17s

Parametric Mixins

03m 15s

Writing Your Own Mixins

02m 23s

Writing LESS Code with Extends

04m 16s

A Final Word on Organization

03m 37s

Chapter: Power Up Your Code with LESS Functions

Color Functions

03m 46s

Advanced Color Functions

07m 25s

Math Functions

04m 11s

Image Tools and Other Available Functions

05m 26s

Chapter: Power Up Your Frontend Tool-kit

Task Runners Such as Grunt or Gulp

03m 59s

LESS Prefixer

02m 10s


05m 2s

So, Where Do We Go from Here?

05m 46s