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Table of Contents

Chapter: MongoDB


08m 23s

About The Author

01m 23s

The Sample Application

05m 31s

JSON Analogy

04m 1s

SQL Vs DocumentDB

07m 47s

Running MongoDB Locally

03m 1s

Connecting With Mongo CLI

03m 12s


01m 49s

Inserting Documents

03m 30s


00m 41s

Inserting Users

07m 48s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: The Native Driver

MongoDB Node.js Native Driver

04m 50s

Inserting Documents From Node.js

02m 47s


01m 6s

Querying Rooms

07m 9s

Create Rooms

02m 2s

Deleting Rooms

07m 9s

Finding A Room By ID

05m 10s

Replacing Documents

05m 26s

Handling Errors

03m 40s

Chapter: Sanity With Promises

Why Promises

01m 4s

Connect With Promises

06m 6s

Querying With Promises

02m 26s

Promise Control Flow Debugging

03m 10s

Simplify Error Handling With Promises

04m 5s

Promises Handle Throws Too

01m 58s

Promises Cache DB Connection

03m 53s

Chaining Promises To Further Simplify

04m 44s

Extracting A ChatDB Module

04m 22s

Converting From Callbacks To Promises Part - 1

05m 35s

Converting From Callbacks To Promises Part - 2

02m 56s

Benefits Of Refactoring Callbacks To Promises

01m 52s

Gracefully Closing DB Connections

03m 2s

Promises Plus Generators With co

04m 26s


03m 37s

EsS016 Async Await

05m 46s

Chapter: Getting Started With Mongoose


02m 47s

Importing Users With Mongoose

09m 13s

Collection Names

01m 45s


00m 47s

Strict Mode Throw And Overriding Mongoose Promises

03m 44s

Strict Mode False To Allow Extra Fields

01m 36s

Schema Conversion And Validation

02m 21s

Finishing The User Schema

01m 50s

Chapter: Mongoose With Express

Extracting A User Model Module

04m 46s

Querying Users

03m 25s

Connect Once With Mongoose

02m 20s

Debugging Models

01m 9s

Creating Users

03m 19s

Finding A User By ID

03m 27s

Saving User Changes

02m 20s

Delete Users

02m 21s

Decouple Mongoose Connect

06m 50s

Catching Errors

02m 15s

Showing Validation Errors

07m 15s

Further Validation

05m 12s

Chapter: Grab Bag

Filtering Documents

07m 2s

Using Query Operators

03m 15s

Native Driver Logging

07m 9s

Mongoose Logging

02m 28s

Partial Update With $Set

03m 55s

Unset And Rename

01m 37s

To Replace Or Update

02m 20s

Sriracha For Automatic Admin Portals

06m 21s

Everything Is A Document

03m 23s

Further Learning

08m 18s


02m 37s