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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 7s

About The Author

01m 1s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Introducing Autodesk Fusion 360

What Is Autodesk Fusion 360?

02m 16s

About 3D Modeling: Solids Vs. Surfaces

02m 37s

Parametric Feature Based Design

01m 17s

Free-Form Design

02m 8s

Installation, Subscription, And An Introduction To A360

03m 16s

Adjusting Your Account Settings

02m 9s

Adjusting Your Preferences

02m 39s

Setting The Active Project

01m 14s

Using The Help

02m 48s

Chapter: Making Your Way Around The User Interface

A Tour Around The User Interface

03m 21s

What Are Workspaces?

01m 29s

Working With Toolbars

02m 20s

What Is The Browser?

03m 34s

Using The Timeline

04m 38s

Getting Around The Canvas

02m 18s

Using The Navigation Bar To Zoom And Pan

02m 6s

Display Settings

04m 16s

Navigation With The ViewCube

03m 17s


02m 17s

Navigation With Your Mouse

02m 56s

Using The Selection Tools Effectively

03m 14s

Chapter: Projects 101

Using The Data Panel

03m 0s

Collaborating With Others

02m 46s

Creating New Projects

04m 55s

Creating New Designs

01m 12s

Importing Existing Designs

02m 46s

Chapter: Building Your First Part

Why Sketch?

03m 3s

Creating 2D Sketches

03m 11s

Creating Lines

04m 27s

An Introduction To Constraints

04m 32s

Applying Dimensions

04m 18s

Creating Circles And Arcs

04m 13s

Creating Rectangles

02m 37s

Editing Sketches

03m 10s

Extrusions And Revolutions

03m 59s

Adding Secondary Features

04m 25s

Press And Pull

03m 21s

Creating Primitives - Solids

06m 23s

Creating Fillets

03m 48s

Creating Chamfers

02m 4s

Creating Holes

05m 14s

Mirroring Features

06m 10s

Creating Shells

02m 37s

Feature Patterns

03m 8s

Adding Decals

02m 20s

Chapter: Introducing Sculpting

Creating A T-Spline Box

05m 27s

Cylinders, Spheres, Torus, And Quad Balls

03m 27s

Sculpted Extrudes

01m 52s


01m 19s

Editing The Form

06m 32s


04m 53s

Inserting Edges

02m 59s

Inserting Points

02m 55s

Sliding And Beveling

02m 29s

Merging Edges

01m 22s

Applying Symmetry

03m 56s

Chapter: Working With Your Models

Physical Material

02m 31s

Using The Fusion 360 Material Library

04m 11s

Changing The Appearance

05m 51s

Capturing The Image

02m 16s

Determining Volume

03m 31s


03m 6s

3D Printing

02m 33s

Exporting Data

01m 31s

Chapter: Assembly Modeling 101

The Difference Between Bodies And Components

03m 14s

Building Bodies

01m 55s

Working With Bodies

03m 39s

Creating Components

01m 53s

Working With Components

05m 1s

Applying Joints

08m 47s

Finding Interference

01m 4s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

00m 58s