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08m 40s

Numbers Are Your Friends

04m 6s

The Business Equation

02m 55s

Define Success Case Study: Facebook

06m 18s

You Try It: Business Equation

02m 16s

The 2% Mobile Conversion Funnel

13m 22s

User Acquisition Systems: Shortcuts

04m 37s

User Acquisition Systems: Hooks

02m 9s

User Acquisition Systems: Layers

02m 18s

You Try It: Conversion Funnel

01m 50s

Segment to Better Target Case Study: Facebook

04m 27s

Behavior-Based Segmentation

02m 16s

Context Matters

02m 5s

You Try It: Segmentation Matrix

01m 29s

Stand Out Case Study: Trulia

07m 35s

Every Market is Competitive

03m 47s

You Try It: Stand Out

03m 26s

From Mad Men to Math Men

04m 24s

Test, Measure, Repeat

06m 7s

You Try It: Test and Measure Worksheet

01m 44s

Viral Loop Case Study: Tango Messaging

03m 46s

Balancing Marketplace Case Study: Lyft

03m 14s

You Try It: Fill the Room

00m 51s

Set Up Post-Install Events

02m 25s

Get Your Creatives Ready

03m 21s

Set Up Your Media Plan

02m 37s

Countdown to Your Test Campaign

03m 12s