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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction

01m 55s

About The Author

00m 56s

Advantages Of Container-Based Architecture

05m 26s

The Emerging Microservices Architectural Pattern

03m 56s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Deploying Monolithic/Singer-Service Applications

Server Setup, Building & Deploying A Single Application

08m 2s

Local-Development Workflow

07m 4s

Local-Development With A Database

04m 59s

Working With Production Dabases

04m 57s

Backing Up And Restoring Database Data

07m 46s

Chapter: Continous Deployment With CircleCI

Continuous Testing

07m 45s

Continuous Deployment From A Master Branch

05m 5s

Continuous Deployment For Other Environments

11m 28s

Chapter: Introduction To Services And Microservices

Why Services And Microservices Can Work So Well

14m 23s

Why Docker Is The Perfect Fit For Microservices

04m 53s

3 Quick Wins Of A Good Microservice

02m 40s

The Journey Of Breaking A Monolith Into Microservices

07m 32s

Chapter: Service Discovery - The Big "New" Piece

The Role Of Service Discovery In Disposable Infrastructure

04m 14s

Service Registration With Etcd

05m 12s

Service Registration With Consul

05m 14s

Chapter: Dynamic Architecture/Nodes

Creating A "Swarm" Of Docker Servers

10m 36s

Deploying Applications To Your Swarm

05m 50s

Adding Tags To Control Container Placement

06m 41s

Security Concerns With Docker Swarm

10m 2s

Chapter: Dynamic Registration & Discovery

Service Discovery Patterns

04m 26s

Getting Our Registry Up And Going

05m 1s

Service Self-Registration

05m 54s

Sidekick Service Registration

05m 35s

Automated Container Registration

09m 58s

Dynamic Load Balancing

06m 18s

Dynamic Load Balancing Code Walkthrough

02m 58s

SSL Termination

03m 44s

Docker Anti-Patterns

07m 40s

Chapter: Deployment Strategies

Rolling Deployments With Multiple Containers

07m 10s

Red-Black Deployments

04m 54s

Blue-Green Deployments

07m 1s

Multiple-Running-Version Deployments

04m 1s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap-Up And Thank You

01m 42s