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Table of Contents

Chapter: Course Overview

About The Course

06m 49s

About The Author

01m 46s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Spring Boot Introduction

Chapter Overview

00m 52s

Core Concepts

07m 36s

Spring Tool Suite Installation

04m 24s

Spring Boot CLI Installation

02m 56s

Spring Boot Demonstration

03m 59s

Chapter: Spring Boot Manual Configuration

Chapter Overview

02m 50s

Manual Configuration

08m 18s

Starter POMs

05m 48s


09m 11s


07m 37s


08m 30s

Additional Bean Configuration

06m 51s

Spring Initializer

08m 52s

Chapter: Gradle Configuration

Chapter Overview

03m 42s

Buildship Installation

04m 34s

Project Setup

07m 16s


09m 2s

Packaging Boot Projects

06m 46s

Chapter: Advanced Configuration

Chapter Overview

02m 9s

Random Configuration Values

07m 52s

Profiles Part - 1

06m 53s

Profiles Part - 2

04m 36s

Injecting Properties

07m 29s

Executing Code At Startup

07m 18s

Chapter: Web Applications With Boot

Chapter Overview

03m 55s

MVC Autoconfiguration

10m 26s

Template Support

06m 8s

Serving Static Content

06m 54s

Embedded Container Configuration

07m 2s

Registring Web Components

04m 23s

Programmatic Configuration

05m 48s

Chapter: Spring Security

Chapter Overview

02m 5s


06m 40s

Security Events

04m 17s

Customizing Security Configuration

05m 15s

Oauth Single Sign On

07m 53s

Chapter: Relational Database Support

Chapter Overview

02m 46s

JDBC Template

08m 37s

H2 Console

06m 55s

MySQL Persistent Database

06m 57s

JNDI Datasource Part - 1

05m 15s

JNDI Datasource Part - 2

06m 9s

Chapter: Spring Data Suport

Chapter Overview

02m 14s

Spring Data JPA Basics

07m 44s

JPA Repositories

04m 42s

DDL Configuration

05m 58s

Persistent Database Configuration

03m 35s

Chapter: MongoDB Support

Chapter Overview

02m 42s

Mongo Basics

07m 38s


03m 52s


04m 22s

Chapter: Caching Support

Chapter Overview

02m 22s

Caching Setup

07m 53s

Switching Cache Providers

03m 45s


05m 37s

Chapter: Boot Extras

Chapter Overview

02m 37s

Automatic Restarts

05m 43s


04m 9s

Logging Configuration

05m 33s

Advanced Loggin Configuration

08m 16s

Chapter: Other Support

Chapter Overview

02m 59s

Actuator Setup

05m 46s

Actuator Customization

05m 34s

Health Indicator

05m 54s

Info Endpoint

03m 7s

Simple Log Access

01m 51s

Actuator Hypermedia

02m 37s

Custom Endpoints

03m 52s


04m 32s

Chapter: Course Wrap Up

Course Wrap Up

05m 19s