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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

05m 7s

Chapter: Part 1: Interfaces, Inheritance, and Objects

Abstract Classes and Methods

11m 48s

Using Abstract Classes

14m 7s

Implementing Interfaces

11m 58s

Static and Default Methods in Interfaces

11m 15s

Overriding toString, equals, and hashCode

18m 39s

Using Exceptions Effectively

22m 38s

Chapter: Part 2: Generics and Collections

Generic Types

11m 44s

Type Bounds and Wildcards

10m 49s

Chapter: Part 3: The New I/O Packages

Path and Paths

07m 53s

File Manipulation

06m 43s

Chapter: Part 4: Concurrency in Java

Threads, Runnables, and the ExecutorService

10m 50s

Callables and Futures

17m 17s

Locks and Latches

19m 17s

The Producer/Consumer Problem

08m 1s

Chapter: Part 5: Working with Relational Databases

Traditional JDBC Classes

21m 41s

The Java Persistence API

19m 57s

Chapter: Part 6: Networking

The Java.Net Package

05m 22s

Working with URLs and Streams

10m 12s

Parsing JSON Data

13m 45s

The Socket and ServerSocket Classes

08m 22s

Chapter: Part 7: Testing with JUnit

The JUnit Annotations

16m 28s

Writing Test Cases

10m 34s

Testing for Exceptions

13m 11s

Chapter: Part 8: Inner Classes

Static and Anonymous Inner Classes

14m 28s

Single Abstract Method Interfaces and Lambdas

13m 29s

Chapter: Part 9: New Features in Java 8


11m 20s

Method References

07m 5s


23m 16s

Concurrent Collections

15m 3s

The java.time Package

10m 34s

Chapter: Conclusion


02m 54s