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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introducing Scientific Plotting in R

The Course Overview

05m 32s

Preview of R Plotting Functionalities

03m 15s

Introducing the Dataset

03m 21s

Loading Tables and CSV Files

04m 41s

Loading Excel Files

03m 33s

Exporting Data

04m 18s

Chapter: Scientific Plotting in ggplot2

Creating Histograms

05m 1s

The Importance of Box Plots

03m 44s

Plotting Bar Charts

02m 43s

Plotting Multiple Variables – Scatterplots

03m 6s

Dealing with Time – Time-series Plots

02m 38s

Handling Uncertainty

04m 15s

Chapter: Customizing Plots

Changing Theme

03m 7s

Changing Colors

03m 19s

Modifying Axis and Labels

02m 40s

Adding Supplementary Elements

04m 8s

Adding Text Inside and Outside of the Plot

05m 2s


03m 59s

Chapter: Exporting Plots

Exporting Plots as Images

03m 24s

Adjusting the Page Size

02m 32s

Chapter: Interactive Plots in rCharts

Getting Started with Interactive Plotting

02m 44s

Creating Interactive Histograms and Box Plots

04m 55s

Plotting Interactive Bar Charts

03m 12s

Creating Interactive Scatterplots

02m 58s

Developing Interactive Time-series Plots and Saving

03m 47s

Chapter: Creating a Website with Shiny

Getting Started with Shiny

04m 9s

Creating a Simple Website

04m 52s

File Input

03m 9s

Conditional Panels – UI

03m 44s

Conditional Panels – Servers

05m 31s

Deploying the Site

05m 37s