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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Comfortable with the Basic Structures in Julia

The Course Overview

02m 41s

Installing a Julia Working Environment

05m 12s

Working with Variables and Basic Types

08m 7s

Controlling the Flow

05m 17s

Using Functions

08m 35s

Using Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries

05m 53s

Working with Matrices for Data Storage and Calculations

08m 25s

Chapter: Diving Deeper into Julia

Using Types and Parameterized Methods

06m 42s

Optimizing Your Code by Using and Writing Macros

07m 11s

Organizing Your Code in Modules

06m 25s

Working with the Package Ecosystem

06m 18s

Chapter: Working with Data in Julia

Reading and Writing Data Files and Julia Data

07m 41s

Using DataArrays and DataFrames

07m 41s

The Power of DataFrames

06m 36s

Interacting with Relational Databases Like SQL Server

07m 20s

Interacting with NoSQL Databases Like MongoDB

06m 24s

Chapter: Statistics with Julia

Exploring and Understanding a Dataset Statistically

06m 38s

An Overview of the Plotting Techniques in Julia

03m 2s

Visualizing Data with Scatterplots, Histograms, and Box Plots

04m 24s

Distributions and Hypothesis Testing

05m 34s

Interfacing with R

04m 24s

Chapter: Machine Learning Techniques with Julia

Basic Machine Learning Techniques

06m 15s

Classification Using Decision Trees and Rules

07m 0s

Training and Testing a Decision Tree Model

03m 58s

Applying a Generalized Linear Model with GLM

06m 17s

Working with Support Vector Machines

07m 11s