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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

02m 12s

About The Author

01m 6s

Local Setup, What We'll Be Using

03m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting The Data

Basic Files

04m 55s

Excel Files

05m 47s

PDF Files

04m 0s

Using PDF Tables

06m 16s

Streaming And Rest APIs: Twitter

10m 20s

Using APIs Without Libraries

04m 40s

Introduction To Web Scraping

03m 35s

Building Your Own Web Scraper

06m 44s

Python 2 vs Python 3 Encoding

06m 17s

A Word On Encoding

06m 33s

Chapter: Data Analysis With Pandas

Pandas Data Structures

08m 6s

Pandas Data Types

04m 22s

Filtering With Pandas

08m 30s

Combining Datasets

06m 25s

Joining Datasets

08m 23s


06m 53s

Simple Statistics With Pandas

07m 4s

Standardizing Your Data

06m 58s

Normalizing Your Data

04m 11s

Chapter: Cleaning Your Data

Identifying "Bad" Data

08m 17s

Simple String Parsing With Regex

08m 45s

Fuzzy Matching

04m 55s

Storing Your Data (Local And Cloud)

06m 50s

Chapter: Pandas. More Advanced Functionality

Identifying Trends

04m 53s

Identifying Outliers

05m 34s

Monitoring Speed/Performance

06m 5s


05m 38s

Chapter: Other Advanced Data Libraries

Natural Language Processing

05m 2s

Introduction To Numpy And Scipy

04m 34s

Visualization With Matplotlib And Bokeh

05m 16s

Chapter: Conclusion

Where To Go Next

03m 27s