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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 13s

About The Author - William "Bo" Rothwell

00m 42s

About The Author - Keith Wright

02m 12s

Chapter: System Optimization

The /Proc Filesystem

05m 18s

Modifying The /Proc Filesystem

03m 46s

The Sysctl Command

04m 8s

Chapter: Performance Monitoring

Process Information

04m 18s

Performance Monitoring Tools

05m 39s

System Activity Reporter

04m 59s

Chapter: Advanced Networking

Network Bonding And Teaming

12m 8s


06m 55s

Network Routing

12m 42s

Chapter: System Authentication

Concepts Of Authentication

04m 8s


03m 27s

LDAP Configuration

08m 22s

Chapter: Firewall Administration

Firewalld Review

05m 47s

Firewalld Services

06m 50s

Firewalld Rich Rules

08m 21s

Firewalld Port Forwarding

07m 9s

Chapter: System Logging

Review Rsyslogd Configuration

06m 10s

Rsyslogd Modules

05m 12s


07m 4s

Remote Logging

04m 52s

Chapter: Configuring MariaDB

Configuring MariaDB

09m 30s

Managing A MariaDB Database

11m 1s

Chapter: Bash Shell Scripting

Bash Shell Basics

03m 57s


05m 5s

Flow Control

10m 41s

Chapter: Configuring SMTP

E-Mail Concepts

06m 40s

Postfix Configuration

12m 36s

Advanced Postfix Features

08m 44s

Chapter: Configuring SSH

Configure SSH Server

04m 19s

Improved SSH Server Security

03m 24s

Key-Based Authentication

03m 48s


04m 44s

Chapter: Apache Web Server


07m 53s

TLS Security

13m 58s

Programming Modules

11m 6s

Private Directories

12m 9s

Chapter: Configuring NTP

NTP Concepts

02m 46s

NTP Client Configuration

02m 21s

Monitor NTP

02m 29s

Chapter: iSCSI

iSCSI Concepts

02m 43s

iSCSI Target Configuration

08m 59s

iSCSI Initiator Configuration

08m 22s

Troubleshooting iSCSI

15m 27s

Chapter: Managing DNS

DNS Concepts

03m 58s

Caching Only Server

06m 40s

Verifying A DNS Server

03m 14s

Chapter: Configure NFS

Basic NFS Setup

10m 5s

NFS Server With Kerberos

14m 50s

Chapter: Configure Samba

Basic Samba Setup

08m 11s

Samba Security

03m 57s

Samba Client

08m 31s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 16s