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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction to PHP 7

The Course Overview

03m 51s

PHP 7 Versus PHP 5.x

03m 38s

Setting Up the Environment

03m 39s

Basic PHP Syntax

02m 27s

Variables, Constants, and Operators

03m 10s


02m 27s


03m 26s


02m 44s

Chapter: Object-oriented Programming


04m 9s

Classes and Objects

05m 7s

Namespace and Composer

03m 16s

Chapter: Lights, Camera, Action!

Web Application Basic Concepts

03m 45s

Project Structure Overview

02m 59s

The Home Page

03m 3s

Controllers and Log System

03m 23s

Templating with Twig

03m 28s

Chapter: Database Interaction

MySQL and Basic SQL Syntax

04m 37s

CRUD Operation with PDO

04m 3s

Doctrine ORM

04m 16s

Chapter: User Interaction

Basic Security Concepts

04m 27s

Registration Page, Controller, and Validations

03m 44s

Registration Page, Database, and Password

04m 1s

Authentication and Authorization – Login

04m 5s

Authentication and Authorization – Firewall

03m 45s

Posting a Message

03m 33s

The Personal Dashboard

02m 19s

Chapter: Improving the Application with Asynchronous Calls

Ajax Calls with jQuery

07m 6s

Error Handling

03m 5s

Uploading a Photo

04m 46s

Commenting on a Post

04m 15s

Be More Social with Likes

05m 58s

Chapter: Managing the Social Network

Backend Overview

03m 37s

Managing Users

05m 51s

Managing Posts

03m 41s

Managing Comments

03m 31s

A Simple Analytics Page

04m 32s

Chapter: Testing and Debugging


03m 11s

Writing Tests in PHPUnit

05m 8s

Debugging with phpdbg

04m 11s

Chapter: Application Improvement and Deploy

Creating an API for the RSS Feed

04m 2s

Deploying with Docker and Amazon AWS

04m 18s

Versioning with Git

05m 1s