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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome To The Course

01m 26s

About The Author

01m 40s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Setup And Configuration

Setup And Orientation For Simplify3D

08m 5s

Using The Configuration Assistant

05m 17s

Setting Machine Size And 3D Printer Profile

04m 49s

Setting The Machine Firmware Type

05m 49s

Machine Control Panel Interface

05m 8s

Chapter: Importing And Preparing 3D Models For Printing

Importing 3D Models, Positioning, Scaling, And Rotation

05m 48s

3D Model Errors And Types Of Model Repair

05m 0s

Rotating Parts For Strength, Mirroring, And Infill Levels

06m 29s

Models Imports For Dual Extrusion 3D Printing

06m 10s

Chapter: Configuration Of Essential Print Process Settings

Manufacturing Process Settings

06m 13s

Setup Of The Extruder And 3D Printing Tool Head

12m 20s

Layer Heights, Perimeters, And First Layer

08m 25s

Additions And Settings

05m 23s

Infill And Settings

06m 3s

Support - Using Support Material

06m 39s

Chapter: Configuration Of Further Print Process Settings

Temperature And Settings

05m 29s

Cooling And Settings

07m 17s

G-code And Machine Configuration Settings

04m 6s

Script Settings And Examples

04m 54s

Other Settings

09m 22s

Advanced Settings

07m 2s

Chapter: Dual Extruder Machine Settings

Setting Up Dual Extruders - Multiple Material 3D Printing

04m 47s

Additions And Infill

08m 9s

Support Material Settings

04m 33s

Temperature And Tool Change

04m 13s

Advanced Settings

05m 8s

Chapter: Generating 3D Print Files, Verification, And 3D Printing

Generating G-code For Single Extruder

04m 2s

Generating G-code For Dual Extruder

02m 3s

Support Structures For Single And Dual Extruder Printing

05m 5s

Viewing The Tool Path And Various Print Features

02m 59s

Using The Machine Control Panel Interface For 3D Printing

09m 43s

Chapter: Thank You

Wrap Up

01m 30s