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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

What We Will Cover In This Video

02m 26s

About The Author

02m 5s

Compile Time Vs. Runtime Polymorphism

01m 53s

Basics Of Inheritance

03m 49s

Basics Of Templates

05m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Inheritance

Access Specifiers

05m 3s


03m 12s

Nested And Local Class Access

03m 18s

Virtual Functions And Abstract Base Classes

03m 38s

Virtual Destructors

04m 39s

Using Override And Final

05m 19s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 2 - Object Factory

03m 27s

Chapter: Inheritance Gotchas

Friendship Is Not Inherited Or Transitive

03m 54s

Be Aware Of Slicing

04m 29s

Understanding Overloading Vs Overriding

03m 51s

Using The Using Declarations

03m 55s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 3 - Clean Up Inheritance

03m 4s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 3 - Fix The Error

02m 0s

Chapter: Inheritance - Advanced Topics

Covariant Return Types

04m 1s

Multiple Inheritance

05m 4s

Virtual Inheritance

04m 23s

Private Constructors

04m 0s

Private Destructors

04m 47s

Dynamic_Cast And Static_Cast

05m 44s

Mixins And CRTP

03m 2s

Implementating Pure Virtual Functions

02m 12s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 4 - Creating A Mixin

05m 18s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 4 - Fixing Up The Inheritance

05m 10s

Chapter: Polymorphism Cost And Optimization

Cost Of Adding Virtual Functions

03m 17s

Cost Of Virtual Function Calls

04m 26s

Cost Of Virtual Destruction

05m 32s

Avoid Template Bloat With Smart Pointers

04m 59s

Empty Base Optimization

04m 3s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 5 - Reduce Program Execution Cost

05m 0s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 5 - Reduce Program Compiled Size

05m 4s

Chapter: Conclusion

Best Practices Summary

03m 10s

Type Erasure

03m 37s

Function As Polymorphism

04m 10s

Any And Union As Polymorphism

03m 5s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 6 - Function Object

02m 44s

Exercise 1 - Chapter 6 - Function Object Solution

05m 17s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 6 - Any Implementation

02m 38s

Exercise 2 - Chapter 6 - Any Implementation Solution

07m 50s

Wrap Up And Thank You

01m 33s