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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction

03m 1s

About Me

01m 39s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

Overview Of Juniper Ex Series Switches

04m 35s

Why Internal Security Is Necessary

05m 22s

Introduction To Our Lab Environment

07m 28s

Chapter: Layer 2

Layer 2 Attacks Part - 1

08m 26s

Layer 2 Attacks Part - 2

06m 2s

Layer 2 Attacks Part - 3

04m 51s

Persistent Mac Learning

04m 50s

802.1X Part - 1

06m 44s

802.1X Part - 2

04m 16s

Mac Limiting

06m 57s

Mac Move Limiting

06m 15s

Storm Control

07m 29s

VLAN Hoping Prevention

08m 31s

Protecting The Spanning Tree Domain Part - 1

06m 44s

Protecting The Spanning Tree Domain Part - 2

05m 2s

Static Mac Address Secure Ports

03m 31s

Troubleshooting Layer 2 Security

04m 15s

Chapter: Layer 3

Types Of Layer 3 Attack

09m 11s

Dynamic ARP Inspection Part - 1

07m 4s

Dynamic ARP Inspection Part - 2

06m 26s

Dynamic ARP Inspection Part - 3 And IP Source Guard

06m 25s

Trusted DHCP Servers Part - 1

08m 39s

Trusted DHCP Servers Part - 2

04m 31s

Directed Broadcasts

06m 36s

Proxy ARP

07m 56s

Securing Routing Protocols Part - 1

08m 23s

Securing Routing Protocols Part - 2

05m 1s

Chapter: Securing The Control Plane

Control Plane Attacks

08m 9s

Limiting Login Attempts

08m 57s

Encrypting Session Data

07m 10s

Firewall Filters Part - 1

09m 18s

Firewall Filters Part - 2

08m 13s

Firewall Filters Part - 3

05m 34s

Policers And Rate Limiting Part - 1

08m 4s

Policers And Rate Limiting Part - 2

04m 8s

Chapter: Wrap-Up

Where To Find More

02m 25s


05m 59s