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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction

06m 50s

About The Author

02m 56s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Getting Started

A Little Bit Of History

10m 50s

The Software Tools Philosophy Part - 1

06m 16s

The Software Tools Philosophy Part - 2

05m 20s

Self-Contained Scripts: Using #!

06m 29s

Chapter: Shell Language Basics

Variables And Simple Output

07m 55s

Accessing Script Arguments

06m 11s

Quoting And Execution Tracing

07m 21s

Redirection And Special Files Part - 1

06m 9s

Redirection And Special Files Part - 2

08m 19s

Command Types; Command And Directory Searching

09m 47s

Chapter: Simple Things To Do With Text

Simple Text Processing Utilities

07m 58s

Simple Text Processing Utilities - Demo

06m 39s

Chapter: Searching For Text

Introduction To Regular Expressions

07m 38s

Basic Regular Expressions - The Components Part - 1

06m 12s

Basic Regular Expressions Live Demo Part - 1

04m 59s

Basic Regular Expressions - The Components Part - 2

07m 14s

Basic Regular Expressions Live Demo Part - 2

06m 35s

Extended Regular Expressions - The Components

07m 2s

Extended Regular Expressions Live Demo

05m 40s

Chapter: Substituting Text

Basic Operation Of Sed

08m 35s

Substitutions With Sed - Live Demo

06m 24s

Chapter: Filename Expansions - Globbing

Tilde Expansion, Wildcarding And Hidden Files

05m 44s

Extended Pattern Matching In Bash And ksh93

06m 17s

Chapter: Working With Fields

Cut And Join

07m 6s

Rearranging Fields With Awk

08m 22s

Rearranging Fields With Awk - Live Demo

05m 32s

Chapter: Sorting Text

Sorting Text

08m 23s

Sorting Text - Live Demo

05m 30s

Processing Duplicates With Uniq

04m 22s

Chapter: Pipelines Can Do Amazing Things

Tag Lists

07m 47s

Chapter: Variables And Arithmetic

Variable Assignment And The Environment

07m 45s

Variables Assignment And The Environment - Live Demo

05m 2s

Parameter Expansions

07m 17s

Parameter Expansions - Live Demo

05m 3s

Arithmetic Expansion

06m 28s

Chapter: Exit Status And Decision Making

Exit Status Values And if-elif-else-fi

07m 43s

The Test Command

06m 51s

Using if And Test - Demo

09m 27s

Extended Test Command

05m 15s

The Case Statement

07m 45s

Chapter: Looping


09m 28s

Working With Loops: Break, Continue, And Shift

06m 56s

Select Loops

06m 28s

Chapter: Input/Output

Reading Lines With Read

08m 37s

Redirection, File Descriptor Management, And Exec

10m 43s

Chapter: Command And Process Substitution

Command Substitution

03m 50s

Command Substitution - Demo

05m 37s

Process Substitution

05m 37s

Chapter: Evaluation Order, Subshells And Shell Functions

Evaluation Order And eval

07m 28s

Evaluation Order And eval - Demo

06m 5s

Subshells And Code Blocks

06m 23s

Shell Functions

12m 54s

Chapter: Handling Signals

Managing Signals With Kill And Trap

13m 20s

Chapter: Working With Files

Working With Files And Directories

12m 56s

File Comparison And Working With Temporary Files

08m 40s

Finding And Processing Files

10m 1s

Finding And Processing Files - Demo

04m 44s

Chapter: Loose Ends

Loose Ends

10m 42s

General Takeaways

03m 14s

Chapter: Conclusion

Robust Shell Scripting - Conclusion

04m 1s