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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

What Is Project And Do I Need It

07m 35s

About The Author

01m 34s

The Project Professional 2016 Interface

05m 24s

Exploring A Sample Project File

06m 9s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Using The Working Files Included

02m 12s

Using The Tell Me Feature

04m 40s

Chapter: Creating Your Own Project

Starting A New Project File

08m 37s

Using A Project Template

04m 3s

Chapter: Project Tasks

Adding Tasks

08m 38s

Editing Moving And Deleting Inactive Tasks

08m 21s

Organizing Tasks Into Groups

07m 12s

Project Summary Estimated And Milestone Tasks

06m 30s

Task Priority Notes And Attachments

08m 43s

How To Make Tasks Dependent On Others

08m 27s

Exploring Different Task Dependencies

07m 6s

Adding A Lag And Exploring Elapsed Time

07m 1s

Spellcheck Find Replace And Formatting

08m 10s

Chapter: Working With Projects

Gantt Chart Navigation

06m 58s

Sorting And Filtering Tasks

07m 59s

Autofiltering And Custom Filters

09m 23s

Highlighting Tasks Instead Of Filtering

05m 52s

Task Date Constraints And Deadlines

09m 23s

Calendar And Other Available Views

06m 17s

The Task Inspector

05m 30s

What Is The Critical Path

04m 9s

Chapter: Resourcing Your Project

Resource Types Available

03m 56s

Adding A Resource

09m 39s

Assigning Resources To Tasks

10m 4s

Issues Raised When Assigning Resources

09m 43s

Adding Fixed Costs To A Project

03m 53s

Dealing With Resource Overallocations

08m 28s

Solving Overallocation Through Overtime

06m 13s

Solving Overallocation Through Levelling

04m 47s

Chapter: Calendar And Working Time

Working Time And The Default Assumptions

04m 52s

Amending The Standard Calendar

07m 1s

Amending Work Resource Calendars

06m 17s

Creating A Recurring Absence Pattern

07m 30s

Create And Assign A Custom Calendar

05m 50s

Assigning A Calendar To A Task

05m 8s

Chapter: The Timeline

Introducing The Timeline View

05m 22s

Zoom Pan And The Callout Feature

05m 2s

Date Formatting And Date Filtering

04m 34s

Adding Multiple Timelines

03m 49s

Customizing The Timelines

05m 42s

Printing And Exporting The Timeline

04m 16s

Chapter: Project Tracking

Setting The Start Date And Saving The Baseline

07m 7s

Setting And Customizing Date Lines On The Gantt Chart

05m 14s

How To Update Task Progression

07m 37s

Tracking Progress

06m 17s

Manually Splitting Tasks

03m 36s

Chapter: Recurring Tasks

Add Edit And Removal Of Recurring Tasks

07m 19s

Assigning And Managing Resources On Recurring Tasks

05m 25s

Chapter: WBS Codes

What Is WBS

05m 30s

Create And Use Your Own WBS Code

08m 5s

Chapter: The Master Project

What Is A Master Project

03m 53s

Creating And Using The Master Project

08m 50s

Managing Links Between Sub Projects

09m 38s

Creating And Using A Resource Pool

07m 26s

Chapter: Reporting Progress

Printing Gantt Charts

08m 7s

Adding Headers And Footers And Exporting To PDF

07m 24s

Using Projects Built In Reports

05m 51s

Creating A New Report From Scratch

06m 54s

Exporting Data To Excel

08m 16s

Chapter: Global Template And Global Settings

The Global Template Explained

06m 5s

Create And Customize Your Own Gantt Chart View

06m 24s

Creating A Custom Table

06m 37s

Chapter: Gantt Chart Customization

Altering The Text Displayed On The Gantt Chart

08m 0s

Create Your Own Bar Style

05m 18s

Custom Fields Lookup List

06m 40s

Custom Fields Formulas

05m 58s

Custom Fields Graphical Indicators

07m 39s

Bar Styles And Custom Fields Working Together

08m 0s

Sharing Custom Fields With Other Files

03m 22s

Chapter: The End

Project 2016 Summary

07m 55s