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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


02m 5s

What Will Be Covered

02m 13s

About The Author

01m 5s

Chapter: Host-Based

Logs - Windows

03m 33s

Auditing - Windows

04m 56s

Logs - Linux

04m 0s

Auditing - Linux

04m 33s

Cryptographic Hashes

04m 29s

File Settings

03m 41s

Tripwire Configuration

04m 16s

Tripwire Operation

04m 56s


03m 21s

OSSEC Installation

03m 6s

OSSEC Operation

03m 15s

Samhain Configuration

03m 44s

Samhain Operation

03m 47s

Centralized Logging

03m 57s


05m 3s

Chapter: Network-Based

Network Captures

03m 8s

Snort Overview

03m 47s

Snort Configuration

04m 18s

Snort Usage

04m 49s

Snort Rules

05m 34s

Monitoring Consoles

03m 58s

Suricata Overview

02m 42s

Suricata Configuration

05m 39s

Suricata Usage

03m 3s

Suricata Rules

02m 57s

Bro IDS Overview

02m 9s

Bro IDS Configuration

02m 59s

Bro IDS Usage

03m 12s

Bro IDS Rules

04m 12s


03m 47s


04m 12s

Chapter: Endpoint Protection


04m 49s

Data Loss Prevention

03m 39s

Windows Defender

03m 24s

Application Protection

03m 5s

Network Monitoring - Application Usage

03m 23s


03m 33s

Browser Alerts

03m 7s

Browser Protections

04m 8s

Encryption Certificates

04m 12s


04m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion


04m 15s