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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

About this Course

05m 16s

Chapter: Part 1: Getting Started with Functional Programming

Solving a Problem Both Ways

09m 22s

Using Filter, Map, and Fold

24m 34s

Imperative and Functional Programming Languages

14m 21s

Chapter: Part 2: Functions

Pure Functions

22m 14s

Some Benefits of Pure Functions: Testing, Debugging, and Memoization

15m 38s

Avoiding Race Conditions and Achieving Thread Safety

10m 31s

Efficient Parameter Passing

09m 15s

Lazy Evaluation

15m 26s

Chapter: Part 3: Higher-Order Functions

Introduction to Higher-Order Functions

11m 52s


20m 51s


12m 52s

Chapter: Part 4: Lists and Recursion

Introduction to Lists

07m 45s


12m 0s

More Recursion Examples

21m 12s

Chapter: Part 5: Monads

Computations that Might Fail

27m 53s

More Monads

19m 57s