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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Course Introduction

04m 5s

About The Author

02m 7s

Study Strategies And Key Improvements

02m 56s

Create A Working Environment

01m 39s

More Study Strategies

02m 35s

Welcome Summary

02m 33s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: User Environment

Using Variables

04m 28s

Using Aliases

01m 45s

Using Functions

01m 47s

Viewing Variables

10m 8s

Configure Login Scripts

03m 36s

Exam Objectives Summary

01m 43s

Chapter: Shell Scripting

Creating And Executing Scripts

05m 9s

Using Input Parameters

04m 47s

Catching User Input With Read

06m 13s

Conditonal Statements With If

06m 35s

Simple Conditional Statements Using Lists

02m 38s

Using Case Statements

02m 52s

Working With Loops

06m 16s

Command Substitution

02m 27s

Scripting Summary

03m 23s

Chapter: SQL Data Management

Installing SQLite3

03m 8s

Starting SQLite3

01m 54s

Creating Databases & Tables

03m 1s

Adding Data

01m 42s

Selecting And Deleting Data

03m 55s

Using Joins

06m 36s

SQL Summary

01m 39s

Chapter: X11 And Desktops

Configuring X11

09m 11s

Display Variable And xhost

02m 59s

Configuring LightDM

01m 55s

Accessibility Features

03m 58s

Summary X11 And Desktops

02m 10s

Chapter: Managing Users And Groups

User Accounts

11m 26s

User Passwords

04m 39s

Working With Group Accounts

05m 18s

Making Use Of The Name Service File

02m 6s

Managing Users And Groups Summary

03m 52s

Chapter: Scheduling Tasks In Linux

Using The System Cron Scheduler

06m 47s

Managing User Crons

02m 10s

Time Independent Jobs With Anacron

02m 6s

One Time Job Scheduling With At

03m 7s

Controlling Access To Cron And At

04m 16s

Scheduling Tasks Summary

02m 26s

Chapter: Localization In Linux

Using And Setting The Locale

03m 3s

Using systemd And localectl

01m 48s

Linux Character Sets

01m 45s

The Linux Date And hwclock Commands

01m 34s

Working With Timezones

02m 25s

Using systemd and timedatectl

02m 16s

Chapter: Configuring Services

Configuring Time With NTP

01m 40s

Managing NTP Time

02m 1s

System Logging With rsyslogd

05m 19s

Rotating Log Files With Logrotate

02m 22s

systemd And Journalctl

05m 2s

SMTP Services

01m 49s

Sending Mail From Command Line

02m 6s

Define Aliases And Email Forwarding

02m 15s

Configuring Printing With Cups

05m 58s

Managing Cups Printing

01m 55s

Summary Of Configuring Services

03m 30s

Chapter: Configuring The Network

Getting To Know IPv4 Addresses

09m 2s

Getting To Know IPv6 Addresses

01m 57s

Common Network Service Addresses

02m 12s

Configuring IP Addresses

03m 50s

Configuring Local Hosts

02m 15s

Configuring Name Resolution

04m 11s

Configuring Routes

03m 23s

The Network Manager

01m 50s

Configuring Persistent Addresses

02m 44s

Testing Remote Services

02m 48s

Summary Of Configuring Network Service

01m 37s

Chapter: Control Linux Access

Gaining Administrative Rights With Su And Sudo

04m 16s

Listing Services With Netstat, Nmap And Lsof

03m 22s

Auditing Login Activity With Who, W And Last

01m 32s

Locating Files With The SUID Bit

03m 14s

Super Daemon Services

02m 51s

Control Access With TCP Wrappers

02m 48s

Linux Access Summary

02m 57s

Chapter: Encryption

Simple SSH Access

03m 44s

Working With The SSH Config

01m 48s

Client Public Key Authentication

04m 4s

Creating GPG Keys

03m 43s

Sharing Encrypted Data With GPG

01m 54s

Encryption Summary

02m 34s

Chapter: Conclusion

Course Wrap Up

04m 39s