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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

03m 3s

Chapter: Step 1

Step 1: Mastering Meeting Fundamentals

02m 37s

Where to Meet?

04m 38s

About What?

05m 13s

With Whom?

03m 7s

Chapter: Step 2

Step 2: The Meeting Canoe

06m 58s

Treat Your Meeting as a Conversation

05m 52s

Chapter: Step 3

Step 3: Use Video Game Design to Create Better Meetings

03m 7s

Chapter: Step 4

Step 4: Lead Engaging Meetings

05m 57s

Leaders Use Your Power Well

04m 24s

Construct a Productive Project Meeting

02m 42s

Construct a Productive Virtual Meeting

04m 30s

Construct a Town Hall Meeting

03m 23s

Meeting Behaviors That Make Any Meeting Better

03m 16s

Chapter: Step 5

Step 5: First Aid for Bloody Meetings

02m 37s

Rescue the Discussion

01m 31s

Redirect When the Meeting Derails

01m 51s

Recap the Decisions and Everyone's To Do's

01m 35s

If They Arrive Late, Leave Early: Lasso Them In

01m 28s

Prevent the Discussion from Hardening into Conflict

01m 45s

Chapter: Step 6

Step 6: Always Evaluate Meetings for Continuous Improvement

01m 53s

Chapter: Step 7

Step 7: Apply What Neuroscience Wonks Know

04m 11s

Chapter: Conclusion

Conclusion and Things to Try in Your Very Next Meeting

02m 24s