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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

00m 45s

What is Arduino?

01m 56s

Arduino Project Examples

02m 14s

Chapter: Part 2: Systematic Approach to Prototyping & Testing

Why Prototype?

02m 21s

Start with Sketching

01m 0s

Know Your Customer

00m 48s

Getting to an MVP

00m 52s

System Flowchart & Diagram

06m 23s

Ip, Open Source, & Secrets

03m 13s

Chapter: Part 3: Arduino Basics

Software Setup

03m 57s

Intro to the IDE

10m 43s

Basic Code Overview

02m 58s

Saving Your Code

02m 16s


03m 11s


02m 49s

Finding Resources

01m 54s

Chapter: Part 4: Powering your Prototype

Basic Schematics

06m 40s

Jumper Wires

03m 58s


04m 35s

First Sketch - Using an LED

09m 29s

Using Buttons

10m 49s

Button Debouncing

06m 1s


03m 22s


12m 36s

Power Your Prototype

01m 38s

LiPo Batteries

00m 53s

Solar Power

01m 0s

Chapter: Part 5: Prototyping Circuits

PCB Design Software Part 1

02m 20s

PCB Design Software Part 2

02m 40s