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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction


04m 1s

About The Author

01m 8s

Visit To NodeJS Home Page

01m 19s

Course Roadmap

02m 26s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Why JQuery 3?

JQuery Origins

02m 19s

Business Reasons For JQuery

02m 8s

Advantages Of JQuery 2 Over JQuery 3

02m 55s

What Is JQuery Compat?

01m 52s

Chapter: Upgrading From JQuery 2 To 3

Which JQuery Is Right

01m 10s

What Needs To Change

01m 14s

Installing NMP Dependencies

00m 50s

A Look At The App

02m 22s

Correcting Deprecated Event Shortcuts

00m 53s

Implementing JQuery 3

01m 33s

Correcting Deprecated Event Shortcuts Demo

01m 46s

Fixing Previously Ignored Errors Demo

01m 55s

Removing Special AJAX Cases

00m 55s

Removing Special AJAX Cases Demo

01m 45s

Chapter: Exploring The New Features In JQuery 3

Accelerated Graphics With Hide And Show

01m 4s

Accelerated Graphics With Hide And Show Demo

01m 31s

Improved Data Binding

00m 46s

Improved Data Binding Demo

01m 33s

More Accurate Measurements

00m 59s

Improved Unwrap Functionality

00m 34s

Using APlus Promises

02m 15s

Using APlus Promises Demo

02m 14s

Improved Animations

01m 27s

Improved Animations Demo

01m 50s

Chapter: Conclusion

Usage And History Review

01m 17s

Upgrading Review

01m 32s

Continued Education

02m 39s

Thank You

00m 40s