The Internet of Risky Things
Trusting the Devices that Surround Us
Publisher: O'Reilly Media
Final Release Date: October 2016
Pages: 228

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Discussions about the IoT generally go in one of two directions: we’re either headed for a rosy future or a dystopia. Whatever the impact, it’s bound to be big with an estimated 25 billion networked devices coming online by 2020. In this insightful book, author Sean Smith explains that if we build the IoT the way we built the current Internet, we’re headed for trouble. He offers concrete answers rather than questions and fear.

This is not the first time that information technology has taken quantum leaps into new territory. Smith, who began working in information security long before the Web, provides several examples of past forays into the future that went wrong because of simple flaws. You’ll explore what he calls "design patterns of insecurities" and what developers, engineers, industrial designers, makers, and researchers can do to avoid or fix them in the nascent IoT.

  • Examine bugs that plague large-scale systems, including integer overflow, race conditions, and memory corruption
  • Look at successful and disastrous examples of previous quantum leaps in health IT, the (already) smart grid, and autonomous vehicles
  • Explore patterns in coding, authentication, and cryptography that led to insecurity
  • Learn suggestions for fixing blunders that led to spectacular IT disasters
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