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Table of Contents

Chapter: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

12m 21s

Microservices Architecture Concepts

17m 14s

Chapter: AntiPatterns

Data-Driven Migration AntiPattern

07m 36s

Data-Driven Migration Self Assessment

03m 49s

All the World's a Stage AntiPattern

11m 31s

All the World's a Stage Self Assessment.mp4

01m 42s

Hop on the Bus AntiPattern

22m 7s

Hop on the Bus Self Assessment

02m 40s

The Timeout AntiPattern

15m 4s

The Timeout Self Assessment

03m 43s

Reach-in Reporting AntiPattern

13m 4s

Reach-in Reporting Self Assessment

03m 4s

I Was Taught to Share AntiPattern

10m 22s

I Was Taught to Share Self Assessment

02m 28s

Chapter: Pitfalls

Grains of Sand Pitfall

10m 58s

Grains of Sand Self Assessment

02m 32s

Developer Without A Cause Pitfall

09m 46s

Developer Without A Cause Self Assessment

01m 53s

Jump on the Bandwagon Pitfall

15m 49s

Jump on the Bandwagon Self Assessment

02m 30s

Logging Can Wait Pitfall

06m 22s

Logging Can Wait Self Assessment

02m 10s

Using Too Much Acid Pitfall

16m 6s

Using Too Much Acid Self Assessment

03m 46s

Static Contract Pitfall

13m 58s

Static Contract Self Assessment

03m 22s

Service Orphan Pitfall

05m 41s

Service Orphan Self Assessment

01m 46s

Are We There Yet Pitfall

04m 15s

Are We There Yet Self Assessment

02m 0s

Give it a REST Pitfall

10m 14s

Give it a REST Self Assessment

01m 49s

Dare to be Different Pitfall

06m 12s

Dare to be Different Self Assessment

02m 4s