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Table of Contents

Chapter: Hello Lodash!

The Course Overview

03m 18s

Introduction to Lodash

04m 18s

Installing the Sample Application

03m 59s

Installing Lodash

04m 42s

Adding Lodash to the Application

05m 3s

Chapter: Working with a List of Recipes

Displaying a Collection of Recipes

10m 50s

Filtering Recipes by User

09m 44s

Displaying Recipe Tag Totals

06m 13s

Finding a Recipe in the Collection

05m 29s

Chapter: Creating and Tagging a Recipe

Entering a Unique Set of Tags

07m 31s

Adding New Tags to the Data Store

06m 29s

Displaying Tags for a Recipe

06m 18s

Adding and Removing Recipe Tags

09m 43s

Chapter: Writing Components for the Recipe App

Extending the Properties of the Base Controller

08m 3s

Sharing Events with Other Components

07m 38s

Creating a Shared Input Component

08m 30s

Creating a Search Input Component

10m 8s

Chapter: Displaying Recipe and User Details

Escaping, Trimming, and Padding Strings

08m 7s

Truncating a Description for Display

07m 10s

Writing a Template to Display Recipe Details

09m 34s

Formatting User Details

08m 43s

Chapter: Other Lodash Utilities Used in the Application

Adding the Timestamp of a User Login

10m 13s

Creating a Login Form

11m 33s

Saving and Retrieving Recipe Ingredients

10m 6s

Adding Ingredients to the Recipe Form

10m 25s

Chapter: Preparing Our Application for Deployment

Building a Minified Application for Production

07m 23s

Using lodash-cli

06m 57s

Benefits of Building an Application with Lodash

10m 17s