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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started

The Course Overview

03m 41s

Project Setup

06m 38s

All about Components

06m 13s

Chapter: Angular 2 – Scratching the Surface

Upgrading from Angular 1.x

05m 37s

Hello, Angular 2

06m 16s

Feeding Our Component with Data

10m 55s

Chapter: HomeAuto – First Screens

Decomposing and Building Application Foundation

07m 29s

Scanning for New Sensors

07m 59s

Creating a General Purpose Filter

06m 16s

Chapter: Building Reusable Modals

Selecting and Configuring a New Sensor

07m 1s

Making the Modal Generally Reusable

05m 13s

Attribute Directives to the Help

06m 18s

Chapter: Building Up Our Dashboard

Creating a Dashboard Widget

07m 16s

Integrating an External Library – Data Visualization with D3

05m 6s

Ready for production – Bundling and Minification

10m 16s

Chapter: Maintaining Components

Unit Testing Angular 2 Components

09m 7s

Debugging (with Batarangle)

06m 10s

e2e Testing Angular 2 Components

08m 22s

Chapter: Show Me More!

Angular 2 Goes Mobile with Ionic 2

07m 28s

Going Universal with Angular 2

09m 28s