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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

00m 48s

Why Kotlin

07m 28s

Chapter: Part 2: A Primer on Kotlin

Introduction to the JVM

04m 45s

Installing the Tooling

04m 15s

The Kotlin REPL

04m 40s

The Structure of a Kotlin Application

10m 43s

Kotlin with IntelliJ IDEA

04m 21s

Conventions Used with Kotlin & Summary

02m 28s

Chapter: Part 3: The Basics of Kotlin

Declaring Variables in Kotlin

04m 43s

Working with Basic Types in Kotlin

06m 56s

Loops and Ranges in Kotlin

08m 6s

Conditional execution with if and when in Kotlin

09m 10s

Packages and Imports in Kotlin & Summary of Kotlin Basics

03m 31s

Chapter: Part 4: fun with Functions

Functions in Kotlin

07m 12s

Functions with Default and Named Parameters in Kotlin

05m 45s

Functions with Unlimited Parameters in Kotlin

03m 33s

Chapter: Part 5: Classes in Kotlin

Classes in Kotlin

15m 39s

Member Functions in Kotlin

01m 51s

Visibility Modifiers in Kotlin

01m 26s

Kotlin Data Classes

10m 37s

Enum Classes in Kotlin

08m 48s

Objects in Kotlin & Summary

03m 53s

Chapter: Part 6: Inheritance et al.

Inheritance in Kotlin

05m 52s

Working with Abstract Classes in Kotlin

02m 41s

Interfaces in Kotlin

08m 56s

A Brief Look at Generics in Kotlin & Summary

07m 38s

Chapter: Part 7: Working with Nulls

Null Safety & Summary

13m 22s

Chapter: Part 8: A handful of tidbits

Type Casting in Kotlin

07m 11s


03m 48s

Deconstructing values

06m 56s

Working with Exceptions

11m 12s

Declaring Constants

02m 8s

Annotations in Kotlin & Summary

03m 22s

Chapter: Part 9: Getting Functional

Higher-Order Functions in Kotlin

05m 5s

Lambda Expressions in Kotlin

11m 21s

Closures in Kotlin

03m 14s

Extension Functions in Kotlin & Summary

10m 55s

Chapter: Part 10: Interoperability

Interoperability with Java

02m 11s

Talking to Java from Kotlin

07m 53s

Working with nulls from Java

06m 37s

Talking Kotlin in Java

12m 14s

Top-level Functions and Properties in Kotlin

05m 33s

Extension Functions from Java

01m 33s

Interop with Java 7 and 8 & Summary

02m 16s

Chapter: Part 11: Standard Library

Kotlin Standard Library and Working with Collections in Kotlin

11m 13s

Filtering, Mapping, and Flatmapping in Kotlin

13m 55s

Lazy Evaluation with Sequences in Kotlin

08m 47s

String Extensions in Kotlin & Summary

04m 6s

Chapter: Part 12: Build Tools

Build Tools in Kotlin & Summary

03m 56s