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Table of Contents

Chapter: Part 1: Introduction

Welcome to the Course

01m 39s

Natural Language Understanding in Examples

10m 8s

Chapter: Part 2: NLP Pipelines

Building an NLP Pipeline

15m 49s

Chapter: Part 3 - Annotators

Commonly Used Annotators

08m 47s

Detecting Positive, Negative & Speculative Polarity

12m 8s

Machine Learned Annotators

12m 16s

Chapter: Part 4: Custom Annotators

NLP Pipelines are Domain Specific

06m 55s

Unified Medical Language System (UMLS)

03m 33s

Coding Custom Annotators

07m 17s

Chapter: Part 5: Machine Learned Annotators

Training & Using Machine Learned Annotators

09m 45s

Chapter: Part 6: Ontology Enrichment

The Need for Learned and Updated Ontologies

09m 38s

Learning New Medical Concepts and Relationships

19m 37s

Chapter: Part 7: Architecture

An End-to-End Reference Architecture

04m 18s

Spark, SparkSQL, Cassandra Workflow

03m 15s

ElasticSearch & SparkSQL

06m 52s

Chapter: Part 8: Parting Advice

Language is Source and Domain-Specific

09m 31s