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Chapter: A Hands-On Test Drive

Welcome To The Course

01m 41s

About The Author

01m 1s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Test Drive

Test Drive - Part 1

05m 9s

Test Drive - Part 2

04m 41s

Test Drive - Part 3

05m 22s

Test Drive - Part 4

04m 22s

Test Drive - Part 5

05m 18s

Chapter: Basic Solid Modeling

Building A Box

03m 45s

Creating Cylinders, Spheres, And Torus

02m 16s

Creating Coils

05m 10s

Using Press And Pull To Make Changes

01m 46s

Adding Fillets

05m 48s

Adding Chamfers

03m 19s

Using The Timeline To Make Adjustments

03m 38s

Creating Hollow Parts

02m 32s

Adding Drafts

02m 21s

Perform A Draft Analysis

02m 50s

Chapter: Sculpting

Building A Box

02m 20s

Creating Cylinders And Torus

02m 20s

Sphere Vs Quadball

02m 10s

Adding Faces

02m 30s

Edit Form - Part 1

04m 48s

Edit Form - Part 2

05m 33s

Applying Symmetry

02m 20s

Working With Edges

01m 29s

Adding More Points

02m 1s

Slide An Edge

01m 1s

Bevel An Edge

01m 26s

Performing Zebra Analysis

02m 46s

Dealing With Performance

01m 51s

Chapter: Sketch Techniques

Creating New Sketches

02m 28s

Drawing Lines

02m 42s

Sizing Your Sketch Geometry

01m 46s

Working With The Sketch Grid

01m 10s

Drawing Rectangles

02m 6s

Re-enter sketch

01m 28s

Adding Constraints - Part 1

03m 47s

Adding Constraints - Part 2

03m 8s

Creating Circles And Ellipses

02m 43s

Creating Arcs

02m 56s

Adding Dimensions

03m 12s

Adding Polygons

02m 8s

Adding Slots

01m 45s

What Are Splines?

02m 35s

Sketch Options

02m 17s

Sketching On A Canvas

02m 58s

Including Existing Geometry

01m 55s

Adding Fillets

01m 22s

Duplicating Geometry

02m 34s

Trimming And Extending

01m 12s

Duplicate Geometry With Offset

01m 38s

Importing AutoCAD 2D Geometry

01m 44s

Saving The Sketch As A DXF

01m 17s

Chapter: Solid Modeling

Extruding From A Sketch

05m 20s

Revolve A Sketch

05m 25s


03m 40s

Sweeping With Guide Rails

01m 37s

Lofted Transitions

05m 13s

Lofting With Guide Rails

03m 10s

Section Analysis

01m 45s

Build A Pipe

03m 16s

Adding Holes And Thread

05m 53s

Adding Thin Features

04m 42s

Creating Webs

04m 2s

Using Rule Fillet

02m 16s


03m 7s

Silhouette Split

01m 36s

Duplicating Features With Mirror

02m 25s

Duplicating Features With Patterns

04m 49s

Determine The Fluid Volume Of Your Design

02m 23s

Feature Recognition

02m 25s

Chapter: More Sculpting

Extruding From A Sketch

06m 31s

Revolve A Sketch

03m 31s


02m 30s


04m 21s

Lofted Transitions

02m 57s

Curvature Comb Analysis

01m 37s

Building Pipes

02m 52s


03m 8s

Adding Creases

01m 34s


02m 22s


01m 11s

Bridge And Match

05m 25s

Thicken And Fill Hole

03m 18s


01m 47s

Performing A Curvature Map Analysis

02m 29s

Sculpt Utilities

06m 34s

Save As OBJ

03m 12s

Chapter: Surfaces

NURBS And Accessing The Patch Workspace

01m 53s

Revolve A Sketch

01m 32s

Extruding From A Sketch

02m 6s

Trim And Extend A Surface

02m 1s

Adding Patches

01m 14s

Add A Fillet To A Surface

01m 30s

Split A Face

02m 41s

Creating New Surfaces With Offset

01m 35s

Thicken A Face, Surface, Or Quilt

01m 48s

Sketch Projection Options

02m 3s

Sweeping Surfaces

01m 15s

Lofted Transitions

01m 51s

Replacing Solid Faces

00m 51s

Patching An Importing Model

03m 33s

Creating A Solid With Boundary Fill

02m 11s

Chapter: Meshes

Importing Meshes

05m 0s


03m 51s


01m 47s

Rebuild As Solid

01m 7s

Erase and Fill

01m 12s


04m 11s


02m 36s

Chapter: Intro To CAM

Getting Familiar With The Fusion CAM Environment

01m 28s

Creating The Initial Setup

04m 59s

Creating The Initial Setup For Turning

03m 6s

Facing The Part

06m 56s

Simulating The Process

03m 16s

Configuring The Tool Library

05m 53s

2D Adaptive Clearing

06m 16s

2D Contours

07m 23s

2D Pockets

04m 3s

Drilling Holes

05m 50s

Machining Slots

02m 7s

Bores And Circular Passes

04m 59s

Adaptive Clearing

07m 20s

Pocket Clearing

03m 10s

Post Processing

03m 12s

Turning - Part 1

05m 6s

Turning - Part 2

06m 53s

Chapter: Conclusion

Wrap Up

01m 19s