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Table of Contents

Chapter: Getting Started


06m 53s

Instructor Bio

01m 24s

How To Access Your Working Files

01m 15s

Chapter: Startup,Interface, And Other Items

Opening A New Design File

05m 19s

First Look At The Interface And Ribbon

05m 26s

A Closer Look At The Ribbon

05m 30s

View Windows

07m 26s

Dialog And Settings Boxes

04m 29s

Looking At Models

02m 26s

Saving And Closing

02m 50s

Chapter: Mouse, Tools, And Elements

Mouse Settings

06m 4s

Finding And Selecting Tools

05m 26s

Try Some Basic Tools

04m 9s

View Window Controls

06m 42s

View Controls And Tools

03m 9s

Chapter: Selecting And Deleting Elements

Selection Options

03m 45s

More Selection Options

02m 30s

Deleting And Undeleting

00m 54s

Chapter: Snaps, Tentative Points, And Accusnap

Setting The Keypoint Snap

06m 56s

Snaps And The Locks Box

01m 52s

Snapping To Elements

05m 1s

Element Keypoints

03m 24s

The Other Snap Modes

03m 4s

Manual Snaps

03m 45s

Snap Overrides And Other Items

05m 4s

Chapter: Design Plane, Working Units, And Dimension Input

Working In The Design Plane

03m 43s

Setting Working Units

05m 24s

Entering Angles

02m 44s

Changing Working Units

05m 25s

The Effects Of Unit Formats

05m 38s

Entering Precise English Dimensions

04m 6s

Metric Dimensions (And Inches)

01m 40s

Chapter: Accudraw

Understanding Accudraw

06m 4s

Rectangular Coordinates

04m 15s

Polar Coordinates

04m 52s

Shortcut Keys

07m 0s

Shortcut Exercises

05m 52s

More Shortcut Exercises

07m 50s

Circles And Accudraw

06m 48s

Constraining Data Points

07m 0s

The Essential O Shortcut

05m 13s

O Shortcut Part - 2

08m 53s

Orthographic Views And Constraints

02m 34s

Snap Shortcuts And Not Using The N Key

03m 55s

Unit Roundoff

02m 34s

Popup Calculator And Shortcuts List

05m 12s

Chapter: Absolute Coordinates And Grids

Using Absolute Coordinates

07m 21s

Setting And Using The Grid

05m 13s

Chapter: Drawing Polygons

Blocks, Shapes, And Polygons

05m 13s

Chapter: Arcs And Ellipses

Placing Arcs

06m 39s

Placing Arcs Part - 2

03m 2s

Placing Ellipses

05m 49s

Arc Editing Tools

02m 43s

Chapter: Smartlines

Smartline Lines

06m 57s

Smartline Arcs

04m 59s

Chapter: Element Symbology

Element Attributes

09m 1s

Level Manager Dialog Box

08m 27s

Adding Levels

06m 27s

Level Display, Overrides, And Customizing

07m 45s

Fills, Matching, And Attributes

08m 7s

More Attribute Editing Tools

05m 42s

Chapter: Advanced Element Selection

Building Fences

06m 43s

Fence Manipulations

08m 38s

Chapter: The Manipulate Tool Box

Moving And Copying With Precision

05m 17s

Scale, Rotate, And Mirror Elements

08m 33s

Arraying Elements

06m 24s

Align, Stretch, Move Parallel, Move To Contact

08m 51s

Chapter: The Modify Tool Box

The Modify Element Tool

07m 17s

Break, Extend, And Trim

06m 31s

Trimming And Extending Elements

04m 47s

Vertices, Fillets, And Chamfers

06m 10s

Chapter: Measuring Elements

Measuring Elements

05m 21s


01m 29s

Chapter: Annotation

Text Settings

04m 30s

Text Placement

02m 36s

Text Styles Dialog Box

04m 55s

Plotted Vs. Design Text Heights

04m 39s

Placing Notes And Text Editing

05m 49s

Special Characters

01m 58s

Chapter: Dimensioning

Dimension Settings - Geometry

08m 48s

Dimension Settings - Units

04m 26s

Dimension Settings - Text, Symbolism, And Advanced

05m 24s

Dimension Element Tool

04m 41s

Dimension Linear Tools

05m 55s

Dealing With Small Dimensions

03m 32s

Modify Element Too, Associated Dimensions, Editing Text

05m 34s

Angular And Radial Dimensions

05m 23s

Place Note And Select Multiple Elements Tools

05m 21s

Chapter: Plotting And Printing

Printing Setup

05m 55s

Units And Print Settings

05m 3s

Print Output

04m 8s

Editing Printer Driver Files

03m 44s

Chapter: Conclusion


03m 11s