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Table of Contents

Chapter: Application Architecture

Application Architecture Introduction

08m 35s

Application Architecture Review

10m 56s

Chapter: The Software Development Lifecycle And Related Development Models

The Software Development Lifecycle

09m 8s


09m 54s

Waterfall, Spiral, And Prototyping

07m 38s

Agile Development Platforms And DevOps

07m 44s

Chapter: Risks Within Software

Risks Within Software

12m 14s

Buffer Overflow And Injection

10m 18s

Chapter: Controls To Secure Software Development

Development Environment, Version Control, And Security Controls

07m 59s

Stack Canary, NX Memory, And Garbage Collection

08m 25s


07m 24s

Input, Process, And Output Controls

09m 14s

Software Development Controls Summary

08m 16s

Chapter: Testing Software

Code And Software Testing

07m 58s

Web Application Testing

09m 18s

Chapter: Wrap Up

Wrap Up

05m 8s